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The United Continent Association (국제 대륙 연합) is an organization from the year 2XXX that would appear in the cancelled game Rockman Online. The U.C.A. was founded to assist the activities of the unified government of Earth.


Founded to aid the global government in large scale political, economic and military activities, the U.C.A ties with the government as the most powerful organization on Earth. The U.C.A is the current authority behind the Maverick Hunters.[1]


Rockman Online

When national boundaries disappeared with the birth of a global government, the U.C.A was founded by representatives from each administrative district.

In light of the recent Maverick blitz across the world, the U.C.A determined that the global government’s military could not handle the threat effectively and responded by creating new troops cloned from the DNA data of legendary Maverick Hunters from the past.

With these new troops, the U.C.A was acknowledged for successfully quelling the Maverick uprisings. However, stronger Mavericks soon responded by founding the Ultimate Reploid Association and declaring war against the U.C.A. This has led to the U.C.A being criticized for providing the motivation behind the U.R.A.

Notes and Trivia

  • The concept of a unified government is also explored in the Mega Man ZX series with Legion.


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