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This page is about the NetNavi TurboMan.EXE. To see information on his Robot Master counterpart, see Turbo Man.
"Vrooom! I'm going to pedal to the metal!"
—TurboMan, Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge

TurboMan.EXE is a car-based NetNavi, that appears exclusively in Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge. TurboMan has the ability to transform into a car, similar to how GyroMan.EXE can turn into a helicopter.

Game History

Although TurboMan and his operator, Kai Todoroki, are never mentioned or seen in Mega Man Battle Network, TurboMan and Kai were actually on the runaway bus along with Mayl Sakurai and Roll.EXE, according to evidence in Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge. The Navi ColorMan.EXE had rigged a bus to explode when it reaches its destination, and Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE defeat him to stop it. After the event, the two idolize Lan and MegaMan for their heroic actions.

TurboMan, along with his operator Kai, appear in Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge as a playable Navi character. They enter the Battle Chip GP tournament, because they want to become strong NetBattlers just like Lan and MegaMan.

Manga History


TurboMan's emblem

Kai and TurboMan appears in the Battle Story Rockman.EXE manga by Keijima Jun and Miho Asada, in Volume 4 as contestants in the N1 Grand Prix. Although they have won the tournament, they are attacked by BeastMan and Takeo Inukai. Inukai uses dogs to interrupt Kai's operating, leaving TurboMan in a pinch. Lan and MegaMan soon come to their rescue to corner BeastMan, but having severe difficulty after DrillMan joins the fight and gangs up on them.

Impressed by Lan's courage, Kai stands his ground and asks TurboMan to do a counterattack: Reverse Turbo Wheel. This attacks gives MegaMan the perfect opportunity to unleash a strong battle chip attack, thus turning the tables. After GS appears and WWW executes their main plan, Kai and TurboMan are not shown again afterwards. But it is believed after this event, Kai and TurboMan idolize Lan and MegaMan, just like they did in the game.


  • TurboMan.EXE and Ring.EXE were the only new Navis created for MegaMan Battle Chip Challenge and are both playable characters.
  • TurboMan.EXE is one of the few characters that has never appeared in the anime.
  • His eyes behind his visor are aqua blue, which only can be seen when it's flashing as he speaks.
  • His dialogue usually incorporates "Vroom!", with varying amounts of the letters "r" and "o". The word may also appear in full uppercase.