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Tsuranattori (ツラナットリ Tsuranattori) is one of a group of purple bird-like robot enemies in Mega Man 7. They fly in a straight horizontal line at the top at first, go diagonally downward, and then try to bee-line at Mega Man. Shooting one of the birds will cause the rest to bee-line at whatever height they were at the time. They appear in Cloud Man's stage and Slash Man's stage.

Tsuranattori also appear as support for Cut Man and Gemini Man in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters.


Muragattori (ムラガットリ Muragattori) is the bird-like robot enemy from Mega Man 8 and Mega Man & Bass that appears endlessly and swarm at enemies. They first appear in Search Man's stage in Mega Man 8 and later, in Wily Stage 2. In Mega Man & Bass, it can appear from the flowing shadow mural in Astro Man's stage, and also in one area from Burner Man's stage.


  • The names Tsuranattori and Muragattori are probably derived from the Japanese "tsuranaru" ("to stand in a row"), "muragaru" ("to swarm"), and "tori" (bird).

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