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TruForce Collectibles is an action figure company created in 2014 which started a Kickstarter campaing for the release of the "Rockman Designer Series" in 2015.

Rockman Designer Series

The Rockman Designer Series is a line of figures designed by artist Keisuke Mizuno released in 2015.

  • Mega Man X - Released in September 2015.
    • Mega Man X (Test Color Version) - Promotional version of the original figure that was featured as a Kickstarter backer exclusive. Featured Blue and Red effects.
    • Mega Man X (X-Boost) - Promotional version released only in San Diego Comic Con 2016.[1]
  • X-Kai - Promotional figure released only in New York Comic Con 2015.[2]



  • The design for the Mega Man X figures comes from an April Fools joke posted by Rockman Unity. [3]
  • TruForce made a Kickstarter campaing to make the figures, the campaing ended in March 2nd, 2015 with $290,656 and 1,959 backers. [4]
  • The X-Kai figure has a backstory in which is stated that it was a prototype created by Dr. Wily based off Mega Man's stolen blueprint. But, with the progress in Zero's development, this prototype was discarded and forgotten. During the formation of the X-Hunters, the prototype was discovered and finished by a mysterious man, giving the robot specs higher than those of Mega Man X and was given the name X-Kai. He was made the leader of the X-Hunters.[5]
    • It is worth noting that the concept behind X-Kai was that in the Rockman X Official Complete Works, the X-Hunters were originally four members, but the fourth character was cut from the game due to ROM capacity. He was created to make a villain to look exactly like Mega Man X.
      • Oddly enough, there's already a Mega Man X lookalike villain, "X".


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