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Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse (トロイノモクバ Toroi no Mokuba?) is the final boss of the game Rockman.EXE Legend of Network. It is a Trojan horse created by Dr. Troy 3000 years before the game, in the Atlampian Civilization. Nobody revived the Trojan Horse and attempted to use it to destroy the modern world, but it is stopped by Lan and MegaMan.

A manifestation of the Trojan Horse was also installed in RideMan.EXE and the Trans Arm system.

In battle, the boss has 2000 HP.


Note: The names of these attacks are not official.

  • Giga Stomp: One of its hooves which falls from above hits and cracks 4 panels in a square formation. Deals 150 damage if it lands on the player.
  • Aqua Eruption: Water comes up from random tiles consecutively on the player's field. Deals 100 damage if it lands.
  • Fire Eruption: Fire comes up from random tiles consecutively on the player's field. Deals 100 damage if it lands.
  • Doors of Viruses: Doors appear and open on each row at the back of the player's field. Viruses are launched out of each door several times and travel along their respective row. Any collision with the virus deals 100 damage to the player.



  • Trojan Horse (Toroi no Mokuba) was misnamed Troymokubar (トロイモクバー Toroimokubā?) in the Japanese book Rockman.EXE Official Complete Works.
  • Trojan Horse is based on the type of computer virus, Trojan horse, which is based on the mythological Trojan Horse.
  • The character designer mentioned he wanted a completely unique design for the Trojan Horse, but later realized he gave it a similar color scheme to the Life Virus R, if not an identical one.

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