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The Train (ゆそう列車 Yusō Ressha?, lit. "Transport Train") is an area from Mega Man ZX Advent between the Hunter's Camp and Legion HQ that consists of two stations and a train.

Early in the game the train is used by the Hunters to transport Biometal Model A to Legion after it was retrieved from Raiders. On the way, it is attacked by Mavericks, including Pandora and Prometheus, in an attempt to take over the Biometal. When Grey/Ashe were in danger, Model A talks with him/her and they megamerge, becoming a Mega Man. Pandora and Prometheus leave the train saying that Grey/Ashe is now in the Game of Destiny, but the Mavericks continue their attack. Grey/Ashe defeat the Mavericks and the Pseudoroid Buckfire the Gaxelleroid to save the Hunters inside the train.

As the train was damaged, the Sage Trinity requests the Mega Man Model A to obtain parts of a Raider airship that crashed in the Oil Field to repair the train and bring the Biometal to Legion HQ.

The station in Train 3 has three shops, one that only has a bucket for sale, a Sub Tank Server to refill Sub Tanks for 50 EC, and a bookstore that specializes in comic books. Near the shops a man named Rudy offers to transport the player to Hunter's Camp 1.



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