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Torch Man
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Torch Man is one of the six Robot Masters from the Mega Man 3 (PC) computer game for DOS.

Originally designed to be a maintenance robot who specialised in welding, Torch Man was reprogrammed and modified to be a combat robot by Dr. Wily and CRORQ. He resides deep within the sewers in an aquatic environment, despite being a specialist in heat-based weapons. He uses his Special Weapon, a Flamethrower-like weapon called the Torch Arm to scorch his opponents from a distance. Due to his flame-based nature, he is weak against Wave Man's Water Shooter weapon.


Mega Man 3 PC/DOS - Torch Man Stage    
Mega Man 3 PC DOS Stage 2 - Torch Man03:48

Mega Man 3 PC DOS Stage 2 - Torch Man




  • His mugshot is an edit of Magnet Man's mugshot, without the head-mounted magnet, as well as his sprite resembling Magnet Man with some color variation and less details.
  • Ironically, Torch Man is fought in a water filled room.
  • TorchMan.EXE is what FireMan.EXE is called in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime. However, he is related to a different Fire Robot Master.
  • Torch Man's main weakness is Water Shooter, but Shark Boomerang and Blade Launcher work well as alternatives.
  • Torch Man's mugshot shows he has a normal face, but his in game sprite has large blue eyes. Perhaps as a welding robot he has a visor to shield his eyes.

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