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Top Spin
Mega Man using Top Spin.
MM3-TopSpin-Sprite MMWW-MM3-TopSpin-Sprite

Top Spin (タップスピン Tappu Supin?) is Top Man's special weapon. To activate it, Mega Man must be up in the air and press the attack button to spin.

It also appears in Mega Man 9, Mega Man being equipped with it in the scenes shown by Rush in the ending.

Damage Data Chart

Known damage values in units for Mega Man 3.

Topspinicon Top Spin (TO)
Boss Damage
Needle Man 2
Magnet Man 1
Gemini Man 2
Hard Man 0
Top Man 4
Snake Man 1
Spark Man 1
Shadow Man 7
Doc Robot (Metal Man) 0
Doc Robot (Quick Man) 1
Doc Robot (Air Man) 1
Doc Robot (Crash Man) 4
Doc Robot (Flash Man) 2
Doc Robot (Bubble Man) 2
Doc Robot (Wood Man) 2
Doc Robot (Heat Man) 7
Break Man 0
Kamegoro Maker 3*
Yellow Devil MK-II 0
Holograph Mega Men 7
Wily Machine No. 3: 1st Phase 0
Wily Machine No. 3: 2nd Phase 0
Gamma: 1st Phase 0
Gamma: 2nd Phase 2
  • For Kamegoro Maker, a certain amount of damage will be taken from the health meter for each of the five Kamegoros produced, regardless of which weapon the player uses against them. Each Kamegoro has 3 health.
  • Holograph Mega Men and Gamma: 2nd Phase can be struck multiple times and be defeated in a single attack because they do not have damage invincibility frames.


In Mega Man 3 and Mega Man II, Top Spin uses one weapon energy unit when it hits an enemy. Using it without hitting anything will not use up energy. In Mega Man 3, Top Spin will always use energy when it hits a target, even if the target is not damaged by it. In Mega Man II, it only uses energy if the target is damaged.

In Mega Man 3, the energy usage of this weapon is unique and sometimes unpredictable. If it is used after getting hurt in the invincibility state, it will drain all of its energy in some cases (due to it counting as multiple hits) especially when using it on an enemy that is immune to it. A few times it also doesn't use energy, when using it on projectiles. Although the less direct contact Mega Man has with the target, the less energy will be used up while the more Mega Man's sprite is contacting with the target's sprite, more energy will be used up. Usage may hurt Mega Man if he touches an enemy that isn't destroyed in one hit (or if the enemy is explosive). Any enemy which isn't destroyed in one hit is invulnerable to Top Spin.

Bosses weak against Top Spin

Bosses immune to Top Spin

Enemies weak against Top Spin

Other Media

Mega Man briefly uses the Top Spin in issue #41 of the Archie comic book to break free of Snake Man's Search Snakes.


  • The Top Spin is the first melee weapon in the Classic Series in which Mega Man must make body contact with enemies to inflict damage.
  • The Top Spin is used by Mega Man in the upcoming fighting game Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, as his Dash Attack. Unlike in Mega Man 3, where Mega Man must be in the air, he can only use it on the ground when running. When he performs it, he dashes forward as he performs a quick spinning attack that can strike foes multiple times. It does not appear to suffer from the hitbox issues of the original weapon.
  • The Top Spin is considered to be one of the worst weapons in the Mega Man Series, primarly due to its short range making it easy to get hit while using and sporadic energy use.

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