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Toad Soul

Toad Soul is the Double Soul MegaMan.EXE performs with ToadMan.EXE, requiring an Aqua Battle Chip to be sacrificed.


  • MegaMan takes double damage from Elec attacks, being Aqua element.
  • Non-dimming Aqua chips can be charged for double damage.
  • All Aqua chips gain 30 attack while MegaMan is standing on a Sea Panel
  • MegaMan can hide in Sea Panels, dodging non-Elec attacks that don't hit panels. MegaMan also cannot slip on Ice Panels.
  • Charge Shot: Homing Note (A homing attack that homes on the nearest enemy for 30 paralyzing Elec damage, with 10 more damage for each increase in Buster rank)
  • Weakness: Getting hit by an Elec attack while hiding in a Sea Panel results in MegaMan taking 4x damage.
  • Bosses to use against:
    • ToadMan.EXE - ToadMan is also Aqua element and hence takes double damage from the Charge Shot. Hitting him as he pops up from a Sea Panel for his Toad Slap attack will result in ToadMan taking even more damage.
    • BlizzardMan.EXE - BlizzardMan is also Aqua element, so the Elec-based Charge Shot will do double damage. Also, hitting him with the Charge Shot will paralyze him for a moment, allowing for another attack to hit him while he cannot move.

Competitive Play

  • As a lot of Aqua chips cause flinching, Toad Soul is hardly used despite its strong damage potential.

CToadEmo Chaos Unison

MegaMan's Charge Shot becomes Dark Wide Shot, which creates a 3-panel Wide Shot that can pierce through obstacles and enemies, dealing 300 Aqua damage. When used in the middle row, this attack is unavoidable, but damage can be avoided through use of Invisible or Guard.


Chaos Unison with Toad Soul

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