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This page is about the NetNavi ToadMan.EXE. To see information on his Robot Master counterpart, see Toad Man.

ToadMan.EXE is Ribitta's toad based NetNavi. His main attack, S-Melody, has the ability to dispel the power of darkness.

Game History

Mega Man Battle Network 2

ToadMan makes his first appearance as an optional boss. He appears with Ribbita in the Marine Harbor near a news van and can be fought for his Navi Chips.

Mega Man Battle Network 5

ToadMan and Ribbita are both trying to get into the Undernet in order to make a great story. They try to convince Lan to help them, but he refuses. They go on their own and try to destroy the gate of darkness with their S-Melody, but Colonel and MegaMan interrupt them. They want to go on, but CloudMan attacks them and Colonel is deleted in the process. Ribitta tries to persuades Lan once again to let the duo join, but he is reluctant. So they go to the UnderNet and challenge Lan to a NetBattle when he arrives. MegaMan defeats ToadMan, but the rest of Team Colonel and Lan himself are convinced to let them join and ToadMan uses his S-Melody to open the door to the Undernet. Lan regains the confidence lost from Colonel's demise and they go on to complete their Liberation Mission against Colonel. Although they complete the Liberation Mission, Colonel is not rescued. But, ToadMan provides MegaMan with his last Soul Unison of the game as a symbol of their friendship. Later while MegaMan is trying to destroy the last SoulServer, Colonel appears to stop him. But, ProtoMan arrives with ToadMan and holds him down while ToadMan heals him with his S-Melody.

ToadMan later participates in the attack on the Nebula Base and teams up with MegaMan and Colonel to open the last gate. But when they do, CosmoMan sucks him into the dark universe. ToadMan escapes with the rest of Team Colonel when MegaMan is attacked by all the revived Darkloids. He helps fend them off while MegaMan fights Nebula Grey and with the rest of Team Colonel gives him the power to destroy it when his is not enough. He and Ribbita go back to their normal lives when the battle is over.

Anime History

MegaMan NT Warrior

Although his operator Ribitta has many appearances in the anime, ToadMan is a minor character that only appeared in a fight against NumberMan in episode 32.



ToadMan's emblem

As a Playable character

  • In Mega Man Battle Network 5, his Liberation Command is Life Melody, which gives any team NetNavi the ability to liberate up to 5 panels in a row.
  • Frog Smack (Charge Shot): Dives down and jumps in front of the closest enemy and hits them.
  • Melody T (NaviChip): Attacks with his melody which follows an enemy.
  • He can charge up Aqua Chips to deal Double Damage.

As a Boss

ToadMan starts off with 2 lily pads on the top and bottom row that alternate traveling back and forth between their rows. He is usually on one of them and can alternate when MegaMan is on the same row as him. Tadpoles swim out from these lily pads from time to time, damaging MegaMan. In Battle Network 5, he also starts with water panels on both side of the battlefield.

  • Shocking Song: ToadMan fires a music note which homes in on MegaMan. This is an Elec based attack and deals double damage if MegaMan is on a water panel.
  • KeroKero Frog: ToadMan throws a frog which bounces around MegaMan's area and creates water panels wherever it lands. When used in conjunction with Shocking Song, it is very effective.
  • Frog Smack: ToadMan can appear on a water panel and smack MegaMan if he is in front of it.

Battle Chips

Mega Man Battle Network 2

IDBattle Chip DescriptionAttackElement CodeSizeRarity
227MMBN2Chip227ToadMan Shocking melody paralyzes!100BC Element Elec Elec T28 MB***
228MMBN2Chip228ToadManV2 Shocking melody paralyzes!140BC Element Elec Elec T48 MB****
229MMBN2Chip229ToadManV3 Shocking melody paralyzes!180BC Element Elec Elec T68 MB*****

Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge

IDBattle Chip HPAPMBElement AccDodgeAttackAttack
219 ToadMan40030130 BC Element Aqua AquaSS MelodyBC Element Elec ElecStun30

Mega Man Battle Network 5

IDBattle Chip DescriptionAttackElement CodeSizeRarity
Mega Chip 37
BN5TCMChip037ToadMan Sing and paralyze the enemy80BC Element Elec Elec T53 MB***
Mega Chip 38
BN5TCMChip038ToadManSP Sing and paralyze the enemy120BC Element Elec Elec T69 MB****
Mega Chip 39
BN5TCMChip039ToadManDS Sing and paralyze the enemy???BC Element Elec Elec T69 MB****

Progress PET

IDBattle ChipClass
769BattleChip769ToadmanMega Chip
770BattleChip770Toadman SPMega Chip
771BattleChip771Toadman DSMega Chip
858BattleChip858ToadmanNavi Data Chip



  • ToadMan.EXE is the first NetNavi in the Mega Man Battle Network series to have a primary attack that is also his own weakness, Shock Song. This also regards his Chips, even though he is an Aqua-type Navi.
  • ToadMan, alongside NumberMan, are the only playable characters from Mega Man Battle Network 5 to not have a Cross Fusion in the anime. He is also the only one to not have an appearance during the battle against Nebula and the Darkloids.

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