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Thunder Soul

MegaMan.EXE performs Double Soul with ThunderMan.EXE by sacrificing an Electric-elemental Battle Chip. In MegaMan Battle Network 4, he obtains it in the Red Sun Tournament after defeating ThunderMan.


  • All electric and non-elemental Battle Chips can paralyze the enemy, which can create fun combos against the opponent.
  • In the anime, Thunder Soul also allowed MegaMan to utilize the Thunderbolt attack, which allowed lightning to strike enemies.
  • Charge Shot: ZapRing (an electric-elemental ring of 20 damage that is shot like a bullet)
  • Weakness: Thunder Soul takes 2x damage from Wood attacks. Also, the ZapRing, similar to Roll Arrow, is weak and takes a long time to charge, but the paralysis makes up for it.
  • Bosses to use against:
    • ColdMan.EXE, takes double damage being Aqua Element, the low damage from the Zap Ring and lack of any Elec chip boost makes the multiplier nearly insignificant.
    • Duo.EXE, can stop his atacks and sometimes save your life

Competitive Play

  • Thunder Soul is generally popular in PvP, since the paralysis is useful in aiming Battle Chips.

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

Lan and MegaMan become extremely overconfident because of their new Cross Fusion abilities. Chaud and Raoul dress up in disco villain disguises and send ThunderMan (also disguised) to fight MegaMan under the pretense that they are Darkloids. But when SwordMan.EXE attacks, they are both beaten badly. ThunderMan gives MegaMan his Double Soul and they manage to drive away SwordMan.

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