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Thunder Slimer (サンダースライマー Sandā Suraimā?) is the sub-boss in Spark Mandrill's stage, a robot encased in a huge blob of blue slime that protects it. It releases smaller blue slime blobs around the room that can glue X to the floor, making him an easy target to Thunder Slimer's attacks. Dashing and charged Buster shots can free X if he becomes glued to the floor.

Under normal circumstances, Thunder Slimer can, in addition to throwing slime and doing a body slam, shoot bolts of electricity. Before using its electric attack, Thunder Slimer must recharge in the center of the ceiling. If Storm Eagle had been defeated before, the Death Rogumer will fall in Spark Mandrill's stage, causing the power plant to lose energy and Thunder Slimer won't be able to recharge, making the battle easier.

After Mega Man X defeats this robot, it explodes and releases a ton of slime balls out that are harmless to X.

Other media

Thunder Slimer appeared on the Rockman X manga on a power station controlled by Spark Mandrill. Thunder Slimer is the result of a top-secret experiment that was scrapped due to being considered too dangerous to control. As Spark Mandrill recovered it after it was abandoned, Thunder Slimer became very loyal to him. After being defeated by X, Thunder Slimer used its remaining strength to make part of itself jump on X to attack and protect its master before going offline.

Thunder Slimer also appears briefly as part of Sigma's Mechaniloid army in the Archie Comics crossover Worlds Unite.


Similar enemies

Enemies similar to the Thunder Slimer:

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