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Thunder Beam
Mega Man using Thunder Beam.
MM1-ThunderBeam-Sprite MMWW-MM1-ThunderBeam-Sprite

Thunder Beam (サンダービーム Sandā Bīmu?) is Elec Man's Special Weapon. When used by Mega Man, three long electrical bolts are shot in different directions, one forward, one straight up, and one straight down. Because of the three-way spread and the ability to go through enemies, Thunder Beam is considered the most powerful weapon in the first Mega Man game for NES and Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge for Game Boy. It can also break certain barriers that can otherwise only be removed by the Super Arm. In Mega Man Powered Up, it can be used to charge certain blocks by Elec Man. In the NES version of Mega Man, it can make short work of the Yellow Devil and other bosses when mixed with the "pause glitch", allowing to hit them multiple times with one shot. The Thunder Beam makes an appearance in Mega Man 9, where Rush shows Wily the scenes of his defeat in the ending and again in Mega Man 10, as it is used by one of the Weapons Archives.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units from the original Mega Man.

MMWW-MM1-ThunderBeam-Icon Thunder Beam (E)
Boss Damage
Cut Man 1
Guts Man 1
Ice Man 10
Bomb Man 2
Fire Man 1
Elec Man 1
Yellow Devil 4
Copy Robot 2
CWU-01P ~5 shots
Wily Machine No. 1: 1st Phase 1
Wily Machine No. 1: 2nd Phase 1

Bosses weak against Thunder Beam

Bosses immune to Thunder Beam

Other media

Bad Box Art Mega Man can use the Thunder Beam as an attack in Street Fighter X Tekken.




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