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Tesla Magnus

Tesla Magnus, also known as Tesla Magnets (テスラ・マグネッツ Tesura Magunettsu?) in Japan, is the current operator of MagnetMan.EXE. She obtained control of MagnetMan after her father Gauss Magnus was jailed for his actions in Gospel. Tesla joins Team ProtoMan after nearly killing Lan's friends on Oran Island, hoping her company would benefit from Nebula's demise. In spite of her father's incarceration, she appears to resent him for undisclosed reasons.


Tesla can be selfish and mean-spirited as evidenced in the mining scenario. She is also quite vain, as she is obsessed with looking young and reacts angrily to comments about her age. However, she does sincerely care for others, which is shown when MagnetMan is absorbed into the Dark Galaxy.

Game History

Mega Man Battle Network 5

She first appears in the Oran Island mine in the Team ProtoMan version of the game, where she's using mining machines to dig up Magnometal as a way of relieving stress. This however causes Lan's friends to fall down a pit caused by weakened floor structure. Lan breaks into the mine, but Tesla refuses to stop the machine, telling him to do it himself. Meanwhile, the mining machines are raining rocks on his friends. Lan manages to shut down the machines before his friends are buried. She then joins team ProtoMan and takes part in the Liberation Mission against ShadeMan with MagnetMan. She later gives Lan an invitation to a party on a boat that she doesn't plan to attend. She is also affected by the Soul Servers planted by Nebula and fights Lan when he attempts to shut them down. Tesla later takes part in the strike against Nebula's base and teams up with Lan to open the first security door, but stays behind after losing MagnetMan. She and the rest of Team ProtoMan show up to support Lan, but are incapacitated by SoulNet. After Lan defeats Nebula Grey, Team ProtoMan disbands and they all go their separate ways.

Anime History

Rockman EXE Stream

Tesla frees her father from prison and starts the Neo-WWW which causes various crimes. It gets worse for the Net Saviors when she obtains a Synchro Chip from Gauss, and hence gains the ability to Cross Fuse with MagnetMan. After Dark MegaMan takes her hostage and takes over the Neo-WWW, she joins the Cross Fusion team in fighting the Asteroid Navis and Duo.EXE.

Rockman EXE Beast

She reappears with in Beast with the rest of the Cross Fusion Team to fend off the Zoanoroid's attack on the human world.

Rockman EXE Beast+

She and Charlie Airstar appear in the last 26th episode of the series.


  • Tesla Magnus's first name may have been a reference to Nikolai Tesla, a Russian immigrant to the United States who came up with a better way of conducting electricity than the official father of electricity, Thomas Edison, with the latter scamming him into Edison taking credit. Tesla's discovery was comparable to wifi.

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