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Tentolancer is the sub-boss of the mid-stage (the airship with Kuwagust Anchus) of Mega Man Zero 2.

It is a large ladybug robot and one of the primary weapons of Neo Arcadia, evidenced by the fact that they are mass-produced (Fefnir's stage). They are used for large air strikes (mid-stage). They also serve as platforms for Zero to jump on throughout the mid-stage, but often have Pantheon troops on board. Later on, a red-colored Tentolancer serves as a mini-boss, shooting bullets and targeting missiles at Zero, and occasionally flying by to drop explosive nitro cans. It is especially weak to ice-element attacks, and will go down rather quickly if attacked as such with the Ice Chip equipped.


  • They are equipped with plasma guns (bullets) and they also have the capability of using missiles, and several explosive charges.
  • At some point, they can be remote controlled or are capable of creating own objectives, since one of them attacks Zero individually.
  • They are also capable of transporting troops, although this seems irregular, due to the fact that they travel at fast speeds and have flat tops.


Zero 1


A Tentolancer can be seen in Zero's ending in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.