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Telly (テリー Terī) is a spinning security robot enemy that first appeared in Mega Man 2.

In Mega Man 6 they are orange and drop fire throughout Flame Man's stage, igniting oil on the floors.

Mega Man 8 debuts the Giant Tellys. They appear mainly in Grenade Man's stage, Frost Man's stage (mainly the jet board section), and in the first section of Wily Tower (again, the jet board part).

In Mega Man & Bass there are Telly Rs in some stages and Giant Tellies that drop incendiary bombs in Burner Man's stage.

In Mega Man Powered Up they were called Bobbles and only appeared in custom stages and two challenges in Challenge Mode.

In Mega Man 11 there is an electric Telly in Fuse Man's stage.

Types of Tellys


Telly is a security robot with camera eyes from Mega Man 2 that looks like a spinning can. They mostly appear in Crash Man's stage (in both Mega Man 2 and Mega Man II), Heat Man's stage, and the first and fourth sections of Dr. Wily's castle. They especially appear near the platforms on tracks, where they can knock Mega Man off. Using the Leaf Shield on the track platforms will keep Mega Man safe.

Fire Telly

Fire Telly (ファイアーテリー Faiā Terī) is an upgrade of the original Telly that appears in Mega Man 6. They take the form of orange-colored Tellies with flamethrowers attached to their undersides, and appear mainly in Flame Man's stage, the third section of Mr. X's stage, and first part of the first section of Dr. Wily's stage. However, it is in Flame Man's stage that they are a real threat. They will often use their flamethrowers to drop fireballs into the oil pools, igniting them and turning them into raging infernos. If Mega Man touches the fire, which is much hotter than standard fire due to the burning oil, he will instantly die, as though he landed on spikes.

Big Telly

Big Telly (ビッグテリー Biggu Terī) appear in Mega Man 8 in Grenade Man's stage, Frost Man's stage, and the first stage of Wily Tower. In Mega Man 8, they will drop several exploding bombs as they pass by. In Mega Man & Bass, they drop incendiary bombs in Burner Man's stage.

Telly R

Telly R (テリーR) is the original Telly with minor modifications. It appears in Mega Man 8 in Tengu Man and Sword Man's stages. It also appears in Mega Man & Bass and is found in Tengu Man's stage, Dynamo Man's stage and King Stage 1.

Telly X

Telly X is a modified Telly that appears in Plug Man's stage and the first Wily stage from Mega Man 9.

Telly Bomb

Telly Bomb (テリーボム Terī Bomu) is an explosive Telly from Mega Man Zero 2 and Mega Man Zero 4. Their explosion can destroy walls with spikes. They show up in Phoenix Magnion's stage, Fighting Fefnir's Temple of Fire stage, Tech Kraken's stage, the Neo Arcadia Teleporter Base and Area Zero.

Other Media

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Tellys make appearances in Mega Man #7Mega Man #10, as well as Worlds Unite.

Other appearances

Tellys make appearances in Mega Man Megamix, Rockman: Dr. Wily no Inbou and the Rockman World 2 manga.


Similar enemies

Enemies similar to the Tellys:



Telly in the Mega Man Universe trailer.

  • Telly was named after the nickname of a Capcom employee.[1]
  • In the teaser trailer from the cancelled game Mega Man Universe, Telly could fire projectiles and close itself to defend from Buster shots, in a similar way to Diarn.