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Mega Man using Tail Wind.

Tail Wind is the Special Weapon Mega Man obtained from Tails Man during the Archie Comics crossover Worlds Collide. It creates a powerful wind. Mega Man uses the Tail Wind to knock down Copy Robot, distract Hyper Storm H (allowing Tails to defeat him), and help Sonic defeat Buster Rod G. Mega Man later used the Tail Wind to save Sonic from Shadow Man's Chaos Cannon, shortly after using Chroma Camo to ambush the latter. It is also used against Metal Sonic in the Wily Egg immediately after Bass has been disabled.

Mega Man's colors when using this weapon are orange and white, matching Tails' color scheme.


  • If the Roboticized Masters share the tendency of Robot Master sets to be vulnerable to each other's weapons, Tail Wind is presumably the weakness of one of the other Roboticized Masters, but it is unknown which one.

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