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Taban (ターバン Tāban?) is a flying vigilance robot created by Dr. Wily. They act similar to Bubble Bats, hanging on ceiling and flying in Mega Man's direction, but it can also shoot at Mega Man. In Mega Man 5 they appear in the Stages of Stone Man, Charge Man, Napalm Man, the 3rd Stage from Proto Man's Castle, and in the first and second Wily Castle Stages.

They appear again in Stone Man's and Napalm Man's Stage in Mega Man for the Game Gear; as well as in Stone Man's and Charge Man's Stage in Mega Man IV.

Other media

Taban appears in the first episode of Mega Man: Upon a Star. It is one of the robots that attacks the amusement park in Japan and is part of Samurai Man.


  • Taban is known as Bundle Bat in the instruction manual of Mega Man for Game Gear.
  • Taban's name may be derived from the word turban.

Similar enemies

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