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This page is about the NetNavi SwordMan.EXE. To see information on his Robot Master counterpart, see Sword Man.

SwordMan.EXE is a NetNavi in the Mega Man Battle Network series. He attacks using the massive swords on his back, and the one on his underside. He has three swords, each one with a different personality.

Game History

Mega Man Network Transmission

SwordMan appears as a boss guarding the way to the Life Virus. He defeated ProtoMan before MegaMan arrives. After MegaMan defeats SwordMan, he finds the LnkCodeX mixed in with the pieces of SwordMan's data, allowing MegaMan to move closer to finding the Zero Virus.

Hit Points: 700

Element: None

SwordManEXE Battle

MegaMan.EXE battles SwordMan.EXE

Sliding under his Great Sword and Spiral Sword attacks are the best way to avoid them. For the Sword Press, the player will want to slide to get ahead of SwordMan's honing and then jump when he starts going down.

For defeating SwordMan, the player can earn either the Sonic Blade or the SwordMan Battle Chip.

Anime History

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess


SwordMan's Emblem

He appears late in the series as a Darkloid. SwordMan has a split personality, and it is different depending on which of the three swords is in control. He joins FridgeMan, BrightMan and StarMan in a raid on DenTech City. They are challenged by SearchMan and ThunderMan. Although the battle was four to one, the Darkloids lose and retreat.

SwordMan tries to eliminate Lan when the latter is at the park with Maylu. SwordMan summons a Dimensional Area and uses Sonic Blade to make Lan drop his Synchro Chip, but Maylu retrieves it, and then CrossFusion MegaMan leads SwordMan to the playground and tricks him into entering the playhouse, where SwordMan gets stuck. Unable to accept defeat, the red sword detaches from the main body and attacks, but is easily deleted and the other two retreat.

He is later partnered with FridgeMan to find MistMan and recruit him into the Darkloids. However, MistMan is in a huge Arabian style castle and it's filled with booby traps. Lan Hikari and Mayl Sakurai are also in the castle. A Dimensional Area is created and they fight over MistMan's lamp, whose possession switches several times. In the end, MistMan falls into Lan and Mayl's hands and he deletes FridgeMan and SwordMan.

SwordMan is later revived by Dr. Regal to distract the NetPolice, but is deleted again.

Rockman.EXE Stream

SwordMan appears again as an Asteroid Navi and is given to a robber by Slur in episode 43. He is defeated by crossfused Dark Miyabi at the same episode.

Rockman.EXE Beast

Zoano SwordMan is seen briefly in episode 23. He is a member of Falzar's army that is deleted by Colonel.


  • Spiral Sword (80): Releases the two sword heads not in control of the body and has them spin around in the air, deflecting attacks before sending them spinning after enemies.
  • Sword Press (100): SwordMan goes into the air and comes down to try and impale enemies with the sword blade on the lower half of his body, releasing a shockwave across the ground after it makes contact.
  • Great Sword (50): Sends forth a sonic boom from the sword he carries.

Battle Chips

The Sonic Blade (ソニックブレード) and SwordMan Battle Chips can be obtained from SwordMan.

IDBattle Chip