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Mm4 swallownandcoswallown

Swallown (スワロン Suwaron?) is a bird robot enemy in Mega Man 4 that was originally built for aerial patrol. It is found mainly in the rainy areas from Toad Man's stage. Similar to Pipi, it has smaller versions of him called Coswallown (コスワロン Kosuwaron?), which follow Swallown and dive at Mega Man when he is spotted, while the larger one goes in a bee-line forward.

They also appear in Toad Man's Stage in Mega Man IV and in Mega Man for the Game Gear.

Other media

Swallown and Coswallown have a brief appearance in the manga Mega Man Megamix.


  • Swallown is called Rocket Bird in the instruction manual from the Mega Man for Game Gear.

Swallown and Coswallown in Mega Man Megamix

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