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Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix
Gem Fighter sales flyer

Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix, known as Pocket Fighter in Japan, is a fighting game featuring superdeformed versions of popular Street Fighter, DarkStalkers and Red Earth characters. Combo attacks frequently involve transformations into other famous Capcom characters; Felicia (a character from DarkStalkers) changes into Mega Man in two of them.

Mega Man, Roll, Rush, Mega Man X, Zero, Iris, Mega Man Volnutt, Roll Caskett, Tron Bonne and a Servbot appear in the background of Running Battle mode, along other characters from different Capcom games.

Playable characters

Street Fighter characters:

Darkstalkers characters:

Red Earth character:

"Secret" characters (both from Street Fighter):


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Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix at Wikipedia

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