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Super Cybeast, known as Super Cyber Beast (超電脳獣 Chō Dennōjū) in Japan, is the combination of the two Cybeasts Gregar and Falzar exclusive to the Mega Man Battle Network series anime and manga. In the anime, the Professor gave it the name "Grezar" (グレイザー Gureizā, "Glazer"), a combination of Gregar (Glaga) and Falzar (Falzer). In Capcom Special Selection: Rockman.EXE it is named Chimera Gregar (キメラグレイガ Kimera Gureiga, Chimera Glaga).



After the battle between Gregar and Falzar in episode 24 of Rockman.EXE Beast, the Lord Wily of Beyondard uses Trill to combine Falzar with Gregar, creating the Super Cybeast and using it as his vessel. With his new body, Wily attacks both worlds. The Super Cybeast and Wily were seemingly deleted by MegaMan in episode 25, and the Fossa Ambience is closed.

In Rockman.EXE Beast+, the Professor tries to revive the Super Cybeast in episode 5 and gives it a name, but the beast goes out of control and escapes to NetCity in episode 6, causing chaos in the area. As the revival was incomplete, its lower half is deformed, having the appearance of several cables, and its left wing has a metallic appearance. The Super Cybeast was defeated and sent back to CyberWorld by MegaMan then spit into two Cybeasts.



Super Cybeast in the manga.

When Gregar and Falzar awakened in the MegaMan NT Warrior manga, they combined into one Cybeast when they confront each other. With its new powers, the creature is able to appear in the real world and begins to absorb the Earth, growing to insane sizes. MegaMan and Bass fight against it to save the world.