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Super Adventure Rockman
Japanese cover and promo art.

Super Adventure Rockman (スーパーアドベンチャーロックマン Sūpā Adobenchā Rokkuman?) is an interactive movie game and prime spin-off for the classic Mega Man series of video games from Capcom. Its gameplay is a combination of adventure game and shooting game. The game alternates between animated cutscenes, making decisions from a list of text options or arrows, and fighting in a first-person shooter mode.

The game was released only in Japan, on June 25, 1998 for Sony PlayStation and September 23, 1998 for Sega Saturn.



Amazon Rainforest

In the year 20XX, ancient ruins suddenly appeared in the Amazon Rainforest in South America. The United Nations called scientists around the world to discover everything possible about the ruins. The scientists discovered that there was a strong eletromagnetic field around the ruins that was capable of ceasing almost all the machinery that got close to it, including robots. Nothing electronic could reach it, making the investigation a difficult one. One year later, the U.N. ceased the investigation, claiming the ruins were from the Maya civilization. They named the ruins "Lanfront Ruins" and the pyramid "Temple of the Moon".

Three years after this, Doctor Albert W. Wily, now working together with Doctor Thomas Light, went to investigate the ruins because the electromagnetic field started increasing, this being a good chance to clear his name. A few days later, Wily uncovered an ancient alien super computer inside the temple, Ra Moon, which revived his various Robot Masters from Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 by analyzing the information about them in Dr. Wily's laptop. Wily thought it would be a great chance to conquer the world.

Three weeks after Wily found Ra Moon, the electromagnetic field begins to affect all the machinery and electronics around the world. Roll falls into a coma victim of the electromagnetic field, and Wily makes a worldwide broadcast saying to the world surrender for him in two weeks, or else he will shut down all machinery, which would effectively kill Roll and all the robots around the world, and without them, humans would die as well. Dr. Light quickly immunizes Mega Man and his brothers (the Robot Masters from Mega Man 1: Cut Man, Elec Man, Ice Man, Fire Man, Bomb Man, and Guts Man) from the electromagnetic field, and sends them to stop Dr. Wily before it's too late. During the adventure, Mega Man and his comrades fought their way to the source of Electromagnetic field, Ra Moon, battling the Robot Masters from Mega Man 2 and 3 in the process. In the end, Mega Man manages to destroy Ra Moon and the electromagnetic field ceases, Roll recovers and all the machinery around the world starts functioning again.



Lanfront Ruins

Episode 1: Temple of Moon (月の神殿 Tsuki no Shinden?)

  1. Metal Man
  2. Bubble Man or Heat Man (Mega Man can fight only one of them; Proto Man will defeat the other.)
  3. Flash Man
  4. Quick Man (optional, but skipping the fight means that the player cannot obtain the Quick Boomerang.)
  5. Shadow Man

Episode 2: To the Death! Wily Numbers (死闘!ワイリーナンバーズ Shitou! Wairī Nanbāzu?)

  1. Wood Man
  2. Air Man
  3. Crash Man
  4. Snake Man
  5. Needle Man
  6. Gemini Man

Episode 3: The Final Battle!! (最後の戦い!! Saigo no Tatakai!!?)

  1. Magnet Man
  2. Hard Man
  3. Top Man
  4. Spark Man
  5. Ra Thor
  6. New Yellow Devil



Mega Man reunites with his friends at the game's climax.



Super Adventure Rockman-Episode 1: Cutscenes
Super adventure rockman ep 1 part 1(NOW WITH SUBTITLES!)09:59

Super adventure rockman ep 1 part 1(NOW WITH SUBTITLES!)

Other Media

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

The events of Super Adventure Rockman were adapted into Archie Comics' Mega Man series during the arc Mega Man 7: Blackout: The Curse of Ra Moon, but with a number of key differences:

  • In the comic, Wily discovers Ra Moon after the events of Mega Man 2 but before the events of Mega Man 3.
  • The Mega Man 3 Robot Masters are built the first time by Ra Moon-with the exception of Shadow Man-not recreated by it like the Mega Man 2 Robot Masters. Shadow Man is restored and upgraded by Ra Moon, and he and the other Mega Man 3 Robot Masters all fall under Ra Moon's control.
  • Due to the placement of the arc, Proto Man remains loyal to Dr. Wily during the events of the adaptation and goes by the alias of Break Man. However, he is also the one who provides Dr. Light with the formula for the protective coating that allows Mega Man and his teammates to function in the EM field.
  • Mega Man's party consists only of himself, Guts Man, Cut Man, Bomb Man, and Rush in the comic, whereas the game also included Fire Man, Ice Man (who didn't actually contribute), and Elec Man.
  • Ra Moon betrays Dr. Wily prior to spreading its EM Field across the planet, instead of during the final battle as in the game.
  • In addition, Ra Thor was created by Dr. Wily alone specifically to stop Ra Moon after the aforementioned betrayal, instead of it being a joint project between himself and Ra Moon.
  • Ra Moon's spreading of his EM Field in the original game only affected Roll due to her being the only female Robot Master, while in the Archie Comics series, All Robot Masters and machinery were affected by the EM Field except for those revived by/under the control of Ra Moon and Break Man.
  • The ruins where the defunct Shadow Man was found in Mega Man 3 are identified as the Lanfront Ruins in the comic, and Shadow Man is the only Robot Master to actually be loyal to Ra Moon. Due to the need for him to appear in Mega Man 3, he does not suffer the fatal defeat in the comics that he does in the Super Adventure Rockman game.
    • Likewise, Wood Man, unlike in Super Adventure Rockman, does not strike up a friendship with Shadow Man in the comic. Ironically, Wood Man is also one of the Robot Masters responsible for taking Shadow Man down for the count while he was pinned down by Flash Man's Time Stopper (the others being Bomb Man and Air Man).
  • Quick Man ends up backstabbed twice by Shadow Man in the comic instead of only once like in the game. Likewise, Quick Man, unlike in the game, does not actually fight Mega Man at all (although he did briefly consider doing so when conflicted on what he should do). In addition, unlike in the game, Quick Man does not actually die from being stabbed in the back.
  • Plant Man appears in this and was revealed to be created by the Archie Comics-exclusive character Pedro Astil, something that wasn't the case in the games.
  • The Mega Man 2 Robot Masters, after initially battling Mega Man's party, team up with them to battle the Mega Man 3 Masters and Ra Thor.
  • Ra Moon is revealed to be affiliated with the Stardroids and Sunstar of the Game Boy title Mega Man V.
  • Although the game commented on the risks of using the Double Mega Buster regularly, it otherwise had Mega Man surviving relatively unscathed after using it to defeat Ra Moon, while in Archie Comics adaptation, Mega Man using the Double Mega Buster left him near-death, requiring that Dr. Wily and Dr. Light repair Mega Man and restore his functions in the aftermath.


  • The opening and ending themes of the game, Electrical Communication and Brand New Way, are the same from the Japanese version of Mega Man 8.
  • Although the game states that the story happens in the Amazon Rainforest, the map shown in the game (See above) shows Chocó, a department in the west of Colombia, that isn't related to the Amazon Rainforest. However, this region is also a rainforest.
    • Also, the Mayan civilization didn't live in South America; they lived in what is now Mexico and Guatemala.
  • Keiji Inafune considers Super Adventure Rockman to be one of the worst titles of the original series due to the overall darker tones it takes in comparison to other entries in the series, like helicopters with human pilots being taken down by Wily.[1]
  • Quick Man is the only Robot Master in the game that Mega Man tries to make peace with. This attempted peace may be the result of Quick Man sacrificing himself by allowing a Shadow Blade to impale him on his back, the blade originally intended to be used on Mega Man.
    • Some fans theories speculate that this is because Quick Man is Dr. Wily's second-in-command and the most popular Robot Master of Mega Man 2.
  • Before the fight, it is revealed by Wood Man that Shadow Man has been completely destroyed and cannot be rebuilt. Shadow Man is also the only Robot Master not to be shown revived by Ra Moon.
    • This may have to due with Shadow Man's integrated circuit being destroyed, though this may not be the case, as Shadow Man does reappear in other games, though whether or not the Shadow Man that does appear in later games is a copy is debatable.

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  1. Stated by Keiji Inafune in the book Mega Man Official Complete Works, 1UP's Retro Gaming Blog

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