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The Sukaritt (スカリット Sukaritto) is a dancer-like Reaverbot that appears in Mega Man Legends 2. This Reaverbot is found in the Calinca Ruins and in Kito Caverns on Calbania Island. It is indestructible to normal blaster shots since it spins its skirt very fast and deflects the shots. If Quantum Refractor shards are laying around on the ground, it will produce a high pitched laugh and attempt to collect all of the Refractor shards before MegaMan can. It is often referred to as the Skirt Reaverbot, and its name is similar to the Japanese word for skirt (スカート sukāto).

A little known fact is that it can be lifted, actually attempting to lift it, however, is hard due to its erratic movements. It is weak against the Blade Arm.


A Sukaritt being lifted.