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Rekku Gundan Emblem

The Strong Air Battalion (烈空軍団 Rekku Gundan?, lit. "Fierce-sky Army) serves as Neo Arcadia's primary air forces, and is led by Sage Harpuia.

Known Members

Z1HarpuiaMugshot Sage Harpuia: leader of the Strong Air Battalion.
Z1 FalconMugshot Aztec Falcon: jailer and executioner of Reploids accused of being Mavericks.
Z1HerculiousMugshot Herculious Anchus (also "Anchortus"): One of the guardians of the Neo Arcadia Shrine.
Z2 AnchusMugshot Kuwagust Anchus: brother of Herculious Anchus. Led a fleet to bombard the Resistance Base. He is stubbornly loyal to Harpuia.
Z2 FlauclawsMugshot Panter Flauclaws: assigned to protect a train shipment.

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