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Stone Head

Stone Head (ストーンヘッド?) is the sub-boss of Jewel Man's stage and Fake Man's stage in Mega Man 9. It is a big boulder with a face.



Stone Head concept art

When Mega Man first enters the room, boulders will begin dropping from the ceiling (the first boulder to fall will always fall from straight above him). After several seconds, Stone Head itself will fall. When Stone Head lands, it shakes the screen, which will immobilize Mega Man for about one second if he is grounded (even if he lands while the screen is still shaking). Stone Head then charges in Mega Man's direction after a brief pause of about one second. When it reaches the wall, it will climb back up and disappear into the ceiling, starting the pattern anew. When on the ceiling, it can be brought down quickly by Hornet Chaser. And when it reaches the ground the Plug Ball can destroy it quickly. Four Tornado Blows can dispatch the Stone Head quickly as well.

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