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Spy Larue are Mechaniloids from Mega Man Zero 4 based off of a wyvern (a type of dragon). They are sub bosses and have many similar abilities.

Spy Larue E

Spy Larue E appears in Pegasolta Eclair's stage. It is the sub boss of the stage. Spy Larue E is an electric type Mechaniloid, making Ice Javelin a useful weapon against it. Ice Blade is also it's weakness but Spy Larue is rarely in range.

It can fire lasers from its tail and run toward Zero to attack. This can be halted if enough damage is done to it. It can also fire three electric blasts whch split up into two blasts each in an upward and downward direction. To dodge stay close to Spy Larue E.

Spy Larue F

Spy Larue F appears in Heat Genblem's stage as a sub boss. It is a fire type which is weak against Tractor Shot. It is also weak to Thunder Stab but is not recommended because it is rarely in range.

It can fire lasers and run toward Zero. To dodge, deal sufficient damage to it before it grabs you. It can fire a large whirlwind of fire. To dodge, dash away from the whirlwind.

Spy Larue I

Spy Larue I is the sub boss of Tech Kraken's stage. It is an ice type, making Flame Fang and Burning Shot useful against it.

It fires lasers and runs toward Zero. To dodge the lunge, deal enough damage to it before it grabs him. It has the ability to breath ice breath which will freeze Zero if in range and create several ice darts. stay far away from him to avoid being frozen. The ice darts come at Zero in two sets. Dash under and over each one.


*The Spy Larue emit a cry which sounds very similar to Mothra from the Godzilla film franchise.

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