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Please note that this is an article about a FAN-MADE MEDIA, and is neither licensed nor endorsed by Capcom, and is not canon.
Sprites Inc

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Sprites Inc is a website dedicated to archive sprites, mainly from Mega Man games.


The site was founded by Mega Man fans Nightmare Zero and Heat Man in 2003 as a combination of their archives, and while it wasn't at all complete, or in cases, even ripped well, it had near every major character on it and was always expanding with their own sprite rips and submissions from other fans. Before the site that hosted it, Planet Mega Man, ended up being deleted in 2005 due to a series of events, Heat Man approached ACE_Spark (who did many contributions to the site) about him not wanting to continue the site anymore and asked if he would instead. ACE accepted, but the entire site had to be started from the beginning twice for several reasons, such as the lack of backups and server problems. In 2008 Sprites Inc added a Castlevania section, and in 2014 a Media Room section was added for other contents like tutorials and savestates.


Sprites Inc created some fan games that are available in the site, the most popular being the Mega Man Christmas Carol series.

Mega Man Christmas Carol

The first game of the series, based on the classic story A Christmas Carol. In the game, the player can select four Robot Masters (or Christmas Masters) on a stage select screen. They don't have stages, only small rooms before the boss.

The game has no achievements to get, only medals.

Note: This is a flash game and not recommended to play anymore. It later gained a Remix version.

Mega Man Christmas Carol 2

The sequel to the first game. The player fights 4 brand new bosses. It starts in a teleport room, in an unknown place (most likely in Wily's fortress). After the player has defeated the Robot Masters, the final battle awaits.

One possible ending to see, but with different characters.

Mega Man Christmas Carol Remix

A remade version of the first game. The game is based on the second game's engine, but it's basically the first game. Has a lot of enhancements, additions and others. The bosses also have gained back their unused attacks, and got a lot of improvements, like Present laughing before the battle starts. The stage select is back, and the bosses have new mugshots. Instead of the first game's "skipping to the final boss", the player now actually gets a cutscene before the fortress stages, like in the classic games (Mega Man 2-10). It's Santa's Grotto Fortress, to fight new bosses!

The game has 14 achievements and 7 medals to unlock. 10 possible endings are in the game.

Quint's Revenge Series

A fan game loosely based off of Mega Man II for the Gameboy. It stars Quint, who has different abilities such as ducking and dashing. It was released in May, 2015 and the sequel following afterwards.Quint's Revenge 2 is expected to be release sometime in 2017, and features more original content and remastered Robot Masters from the series.

Mega Man Revolution Remix

A fan project originally created by Fifth Independent, in 2015, the project was taken over by Sprites Inc and entitled as Mega Man Revolution Remix in order to improve the quality of the game, design-wise, graphically, and musically in additional making Proto Man as playable character. It is expected to be re-released sometime in 2017. See the Mega Man Revolution page for more information.

Make a Good Mega Man Level

Make a Good Mega Man Level is a game developed by the community, with co-operation with the website Talkhaus, built out of user submitted stages and compiled together by SnoruntPyro with Blyka's GameMaker engine. The game features 20 user submitted stages, 6 Wily levels developed by the contest's judges, as well as bonuses unlocked through completing certain tasks in the game, making it one of the largest Mega Man fan games in history.

A sequel has been announced with a completely remade engine, a more user-friendly method of submitting levels, and is expected to reach a wider audience.


Mega Man Christmas Carol and Remix

BossDetailsAttacksSpecial WeaponWeakness
CDN 000 Jacob Marley Marley only has one weapon, but he knows how to use it. His mace can block shots, and make it fairly tricky to get out of the way when he rushes at his target. Marley's Mace Ghost Shackle (original)
Marley's Shackle (Remix)
Present Surprise (original)
? (Remix)
CDN 001 Past The Ghost of Christmas Past has no attacks of his own, but has a few friends who are more than willing to help out. Whom he summons depends entirely on difficulty level. Watch out of the Robot Masters who break-in during fight. Summons:

Bubble Man (easy)
Fire Man (normal)
Dyna Man
Danga Man
Snake Man (normal)
Gravity Man (original only?)
Pharaoh Man (hard)
Sheep Man (hard)
Plant Man
Pump Man (Remix only?)

Robot Master Minions: (Remix only)
In order on screen: Heat Man (all), Toad Man (normal and above), Volt Man (normal and above), Nitro Man (all)

Candy Cane (original)
Past Minion (Remix)
Future Scythe (original)
? (Remix)
CDN 002 Present Armoured with Boss Armour, Present has some resistance to the Mega Buster, but there is a way to neutralize it. Watch the skies as Present will drop down on the player's head, and flood the screen with his Bauble Bombs. Bauble Bomb
Present Surprise
Present Suprise Candy Cane (original)
? (Remix)
CDN 003 Future Future will try to overwhelm his target with teleporting scythes. Players will have to wait his inital attacks out, but when he's at ground level, his weak body armour should let one swing the battle his way. Scythe
Homing Scythe
Scythe Throw
Future Scythe Ghost Shackle
Mystery Ship - Sleigh Attacker Only present in the original game. This Mysterious Foe has armed this Sleigh to the teeth! You don't have a choice here, use your weapons! Triple Shot
Homing Energy Orb
Bauble Bomb
Toy Penguin
Toy Knight
- Twinkle Buster
Mystery Machine 1 - Santa Mech Only present in the original game. The mysterious foe isn't done for yet, he has one more trick up his sleeve! The Machine is very well armoured. Mega Man will have to find a different target to have any chance of surviving this. Twinkle Spread
Reindeer Bomber
Plum Duff Bombs
Vacuum Wind
- Secret
SNO Miser -10b and HEAT Miser 101 Remix version only, two robots that attack with ice and fire attacks. SNO Miser Attacks:
Ice Ball
Ice Wave
Bouncing Snowball
HEAT Miser Attacks:
Homing Blast
Scorching Flameball
Note: Names are not official
- ?
Duff Cannon Twins and Mystery Machine 1.5 - Santa Gamma Remix version only. The final boss.

Phase 1 Attacks: Twinkle Spread, Plum Duff Bombs, Vacuum Wind

Phase 2 Attacks: Machine-Gun Eye, Mini-Tank, Spiked Fists, Homing Energy Orb (Some of these are unofficial names)

- ?

Mega Man Christmas Carol 2

CDN 004 Tiny Tim and CDN 005 Bob Cratchit Tiny Tim has no weapons of his own, but his Ride Armour Bob Cratchit is armed to the teeth. Rocket Punch
Rubber Duff
Hyper Charge
Explosive Duff
Rubber Duff Candy Cane
CDN 006 Scrooge Scrooge is certainly a tricky customer for an old guy. He will aim to avoid any attacks sent his way, and his Penny Pinch can turn the tide of battle in his favour. Hum Bug Bomb
Penny Pinch
Coin Bomber
Hum Bug Bomb Twinkle Buster
CDN 007 Want Want appears to have let herself go! Her weight will cause the decorative canes on the cieling to drop upon landing. The more pissed off she gets, the quicker she will pull off attacks! Be careful not to get caught out! Mighty Leap
Cane Swipe
Candy Cane
Candy Cane Hum Bug Bomb
CDN 008 Ignorance Ignorance seems to be made of impenetrable stuff! Your shots keep bouncing off. Watch out for the conveyour belt, it can catch you off guard. Twinkle Buster
Electromagnet Boots
Twinkle Buster Rubber Duff
Light (Santa) Devil A Devil variant based off Dr. Light's appearance in the original Christmas Carol game. It only appears whilst playing on Hard mode, and is fought before the Wily Machine. Devil Blocks
Explosive Present
Bouncing Present
Wily Machine X - Deathmas Tree Wily has crafted a diabolical machine for the heroes to tackle. Platformed Metool
Bulb Electric
Ball Cannon
Christmas Boxes


  • Mystery Machine 1.5 - Santa Gamma was originally planned to be the last boss of Christmas Carol 3 (upcoming game in the future), and it was originally used by Wily. The machine has a W symbol above the eyes. This is confirmed on the Sprites Inc forums.
  • Past and Future now give their signature weapons in Mega Man Christmas Carol Remix. The heroes during the Weapon Get screen mention it too.
  • A "Sleigh Attacker 2012" was planned to be used in the game, but it was unused later.
  • In all games, Proto Man loses his shield while he's equipped with Twinkle Buster and Present Surprise. When mentioned to ACESpark, he claims it's intentional.
  • In the first game, Marley's obtainable weapon was called "Ghost Shackle", in the Remix version, his weapon is called "Marley's Shackle" instead.
  • It is possible to get up to 2,5 million points in MMCCR, using a specific character. The maximum possible score is unknown for both MMCC2 and MMCCR games.
  • Mystery Machine 1 has an abnormal 36 health points instead of 28.
  • At one point, Reindeer Bomber was planned to be an attack of Duff Cannon Twins, but in the final product, it's an unused attack.
  • Bass in opening of MMCCR has the same laughs of Soda Popinski in Punch-Out!! 

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