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Spidrill (スパイダリル Supaidariru) is a sub-boss from Mega Man ZX Advent, a large spider type Mechaniloid that hangs in the top of the room in Tower of Verture 2. Spidrill needs only four of its eight legs to support its weight, and only four legs are seen in-game. Its leg drills are strong enough to easily penetrate a 2 foot thick steel plate. Spidrill attacks by releasing electric spheres from the legs, rotating its four legs around like a drill, piercing enemies with its legs and summoning Exspiders. If one of the four colored circles on its legs are hit, Spidrill will pierce the floor with the same color of the leg.

Spidrill Neo

Spidrill Neo (スパイダリル・ネオ) is the sub-boss from Quarry 4. After the battle between Ashe/Grey and Vent/Aile, a Biometal Model W fragment felt on the remains of a demolished Spidrill, reviving it and increasing its power and speed. Its color changed to purple and the head has a different appearance. It attacks in the same way as a normal Spidrill. After Ashe/Grey cause a large amount of damage to it, Vent/Aile appear and destroy Spidrill Neo.


Exspider (エクスパイダー Ekusupaidā) is a small spider type Mechaniloid that accompanies Spidrill. As it is set to explode automatically after a set period of time, it is said that they were once used to widen narrow subterranean passageways.