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This page is about the NetNavi SparkMan.EXE. To see information on his Robot Master counterpart, see Spark Man.

SparkMan.EXE is an electric NetNavi operated by Terry JoMon.

Game History

Mega Man Battle Network 4

SparkMan appears randomly in the Den Battle/City Battle Tournament. His operator cheats to win by changing Lan's Folder in his PET to one with weak Battle Chips. But Lan fixes the problem with the help of JoMon's grandfather, the chief of JomonElec, who needs a 7 digit code (the code is 1563546). Later, SparkMan battles MegaMan in the Tournament, but loses. Afterwards, he and Terry get into a fight, blaming each other for the loss.

Rockman.EXE 4.5 Real Operation

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SparkMan appears as an opponent.

Anime History

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

SparkMan appears as a Darkloid in Axess. His first appearance is when Lan, Chaud, Dr. Hikari, and Dr. Regal are studying one of Nebula's Dimensional Area Generators. Dr. Regal sends him to destroy the Dimensional Area generator, so that SciLab wouldn't uncover its secrets. Lan and Chaud Cross Fuse and try to stop him, but the generator drains their energy, leading to their defeat. SparkMan destroys the generator and escapes.

He later attacks a train network, but is deleted by MegaMan in Wood Soul.

He is later revived by Dr. Regal to distract the NetPolice, but is deleted by MegaMan in Roll Soul.

Rockman.EXE Beast

He reappears as "Zoanoroid Sparkman" in Beast, being a follower of Falzar at first, but is converted to a Gregar follower by Zoanoroid Pharaohman.



SparkMan's emblem

SparkMan is hard to hit, as he continuously disappears and reappears around the field, attacking as he goes.

  • Spark Ball: SparkMan sends out a bomb that moves down the row, exploding in a diagonal fashion.
  • Spark Wave: SparkMan sends electricity down and up the columns, moving to a new row when the sparks hit all the panels on a column.
  • Shadow Maker: SparkMan creates a flash, then MegaMan's shadow appears behind him to strike with a sword.

Battle Chips

Mega Man Battle Network 4

IDBattle ChipDescriptionAttackElementCodeSizeRarity
Mega Chip 46BN4MChip046SparkMan SparkWave blinds enemy!70BC Element Elec Elec S55 MB****
Mega Chip 47BN4MChip047SprkMnSP SparkWave blinds enemy!???BC Element Elec Elec S77 MB*****
Mega Chip 48BN4MChip048SprkMnDS SparkWave blinds enemy!???BC Element Elec Elec S77 MB*****

Rockman.EXE 4.5 Real Operation

IDBattle ChipAttackElementSizeRarity
Mega Chip 61BN45MChip061SparkMan 70BC Element Elec Elec55 MB****
Mega Chip 62BN45MChip062SparkMan SP ???BC Element Elec Elec77 MB*****
Mega Chip 63BN45MChip063SparkMan DS ???BC Element Elec Elec77 MB*****

Advanced PET

スパークマン (Sparkman)
ID 269 Class Mega
Type Attack Chip Element Elec
Location (Japan) Location (Worldwide)
RC-09 Battle Chip Collection Sparkman
スパークマンSP (Sparkman SP)
ID 270 Class Mega
Type Attack Chip Element Elec
Location (Japan) Location (Worldwide)

スパークマンDS (Sparkman DS)
ID 271 Class Mega
Type Attack Chip Element Elec
Location (Japan) Location (Worldwide)