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Soniavita D commercial.

"When you're tired, give yourself a boost with Soniavita D! I'll always be here cheering for you!"
―Sonia Strumm, Mega Man Star Force 2

Soniavita D, known as Misoramin D (ミソラミンD) in Japan, is a product from Mega Man Star Force 2 named after Sonia Strumm (Misora Hibiki). It appears to be an energy drink as Sonia says to drink it when tired in the commercials seen on the Air Displays from Wilshire Hills. It is the favorite drink of Legendary Master Shin.


  • Soniavita D is possibly based on SunnyD.
  • An actual "Misoramin D" was made by fans and made available during the Rock Party in 2013.