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Sole Solar (Sole Solar L and Sole Solar M) is a stationary turret enemy in Wire Sponge's stage from Mega Man X2. They keep camouflaged within the ground until a favorable weather is applied to the area. Once the weather is normal or sunny, they will rise and stretch out their solar cells. After absorbing enough solar energy they will either fire homing missiles (Sole Solar M) or laser beams (Sole Solar L). The laser beam is undestructible and flies horizontally, while the missiles can be destroyed by all weapons except Crystal Hunter, and will explode after a set period of time. X is able to step safely on their leaves camouflage, and so they can be used as lifts to quickly move through the stage.

Both Magnet Mine and Spin Wheel can take them out in one hit, but the X-Buster is also recommended due to the enemy's low HP.


  • Oddly, the last Sole Solars that appear on the stage may also rise and attack even if the weather is foggy, unlike the others from the rest of the stage. This does not happen if its rainy, though.
  • Although there are namely two types of Sole Solar, there is no way to differ them until they unleash their attacks.