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Slur in Rockman.EXE Stream.

Slur (スラー Surā?) is a character exclusive to the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series voiced by Akeno Watanabe.


Slur seems to be a being that respects and serves Duo with the utmost loyalty, using the technology he provided to test humans and carry out Duo's will.

However, Slur also seems to possess a very high level of arrogance, as the extraterrestrial Navi looked down on all humans and Navis, including Bass, and had deemed them inferior, even saying that Bass was foolish in their first meeting. This arrogance is further highlighted by them choosing Operators guaranteed to utilize Asteroid Navis either selfishly or with criminal intent, while seemingly ignoring the people fighting to prevent further conflict cause by them.

When MegaMan had managed to scratch Slur's cheek, the alien NetNavi showed anger towards him for that, and attempted to delete him, though Colonel managed to save him. Slur seemed to also be very angered when Lan and the others had managed to discover the lost city from Slur and Duo's home planet, and learned of the origins of the Creators, even going as far as wanting the ruins to be destroyed completely.

When Slur was confronted by Colonel, SearchMan, ProtoMan, and MegaMan, Slur battled them and took on multiple attacks, displaying incredible powers simply to make them see the hopeless battle they were in.

Slur even seemed to take amusement in the humans and Earth Navis attempts to pass Duo's test, but Slur was very much confident that humans would fail and be destroyed in the end, especially when Slur revealed to MegaMan and the others about how Earth was going to be destroyed.

The arrogance Slur possess made Slur vulnerable to when Bass had returned with greater powers and could even seem to overpower Slur. Even at the end, when Bass had impaled Slur, the extraterrestrial's last words were still in the viewing them as inferior.


Slur is Duo's subordinate and the last remaining NetNavi of the planet that created Duo. Duo refers to the human-like race responsible for his and Slur's creation as the Creators. 

When Duo began Earth's Erasure upon arrival of Earth, Bass had foreseen his coming and attempted to steal MegaMan's Ultimate Program to combat Duo, though failed to do so. So Bass, in his Kid Grave robot body, broke in SciLabs when they were planning to send MegaMan and ProtoMan, and went instead, intending on stealing Duo's power for his own, but was intercepted by a coming light, before revealing itself as Slur. 

Slur introduced itself and told the people in the Outer Space Development Center that Duo had a message for them, before Keifer asked if Duo really intended to destroy Earth, to which Slur responded that it was true. When Lan argued against it, Slur merely replied that it was of Duo's will, before Bass attacked Slur with Shooting Star, forcing the extraterrestrial Navi to dodge his attack. When Bass declared that he would defeat Duo and take Duo's power for his own, Slur called Bass a fool. Bass engaged Slur in battle, attacking with his Earth Breaker which Slur blocked. 

As the number of giant Viruses increase across the planet, Bass continued to battle Slur, as the latter avoided Bass' Dark Arm Blade. Finally, after the battle dragged on, Bass fired his Darkness Overload to destroy Slur, the attack impacting, resulting in an explosion. Bass commented that Slur had vanished, only for wires to suddenly appear from him and wrap around him, binding the Navi, before a large ball of light struck Bass, sending him away. As the ball of light turned into Slur, Slur said that it was Bass that will vanish and told him to never return, as Bass falls, breaking through the Cyber World's "floor" and falling into the UnderNet. 

Lan and Chaud in their Cross Fused forms get taken into Duo's comet by Duo's will. When Lan and Chaud explain Cross Fusion to him, but also declare that if Duo really intends to destroy their world, they would fight him, Slur shoots warning attacks and orders them to stand back.

Duo decides to give humans a test to see the potential of Cross Fusion, and gives his Crest to those he deems worthy, before undoing the damage he had caused. Afterwards, when Duo crashes the comet into Earth and creating the Past Tunnel to travel 30 years into the past, Duo then sends Slur to Earth's present time, and the alien NetNavi serves as the instigator of conflict throughout the test. Slur acts as the messenger who tests the humans worthiness to survive Duo's judgement, appearing before people and offering them Asteroid Navis, special NetNavis that may take the appearance of MegaMan's past foes. These Navis boast superior strength and versatility to their Earth counterparts, and in most cases, are immune to conventional methods of dispatch, such as elemental weakness. Slur also provides humans with Dimensional Chips, through which Asteroid Navis may materialize as gigantic versions of themselves in the real world without a Dimensional Area present. 

At one point, Slur is attacked by Colonel. When Slur asked who Colonel was, Colonel introduced himself, and declared that he would destroy Slur, the distributer of the Asteroid Navis, before lunging at Slur. Dodging his attack, Slur calls him foolish and explains that the Asteroid Navis are the realization of human desires, and all Slur does is provide them a little help. Not fazed by Slur's words, Colonel engages the extraterrestrial Navi in battle, with MegaMan appearing right then. During the battle, Colonel thrusts his sword through Slur, but Slur shows to be unfazed as wires appear from Colonel and bind him as the sword vanishes, Slur showing no wounds. MegaMan intervenes and burns the wires away with Volcano Cannon. Declaring himself to be Slur's opponent, MegaMan has Lan use Double Soul Search Soul, and attacks, though Slur seems unfazed by that as well. 

Using Proto Soul next, MegaMan strikes with a Sword Battle Chip, which Slur blocks using its arms, but MegaMan manages to scratch Slur's cheek, which angered the extraterrestrial Navi. Summoning wires from under MegaMan and binding him. Telling him to disappear in the Undernet, Slur is engulfed by light and attempts to land a powerful attack at MegaMan, but Colonel intervened and pushed Slur away, with Colonel getting heavily injured from it, and Slur deciding to leave after that. 

Along with continuing to distribute the Asteroid Navis, Slur is seen again when Lan and the others activate the city of Slur and Duo's home planet, which causes Slur to express genuine shock when the Navi felt an energy sourge emmitted by the city. Slur then entered the city and stopped Lan and the others from learning anything else, before declaring that them and the rest of the fools that harm the Universe will be eradicated, before having the ruins be destroyed. 

Afterwards, Slur began spreading the Asteroid Navis at an alarming rate, where the Asteroid would run amock all over the world, far more than the holders of Duo's crest can handle. Chasing after Slur once more, Colonel requests for backup from MegaMan and the others to fight Slur, explaining that fighting the Asteroid would do little to help, as Slur would continue to distribute them faster than they could react to it. Agreeing with that, Lan, Chaud, and Raika send their Navis to help Colonel out against Slur. Despite their best efforts, the extraterrestrial Navi proved to be too powerful for them to handle, even when together. Slur then begins to say that the battling itself was pointless as humanity has already chosen its future of destruction.

While Slur's actions themselves may be interpreted as evil as Lan and the others say, the Navi states that neither Duo nor Slur are responsible for Earth's impending erasure, but rather the humans themselves are to blame, for they use the Asteroid Navis for selfish gain. Slur then explained that Asteroid converts the negative emotions of humans into energy that is collected in Duo's comet, calling it evil energy. The evil energy cultivated by the Asteroid Navis is sent to Duo's comet to active it. Despite their arguments, Slur waved their words off, before soundly defeating the remaining Navis. 

After learning the 13 Crests of Duo hold the power to taking control of Duo's comet, Regal sent Dark MegaMan to gain access to it and become the strongest NetNavi. After entering the comet and absorbing its power, Slur appears and stabs Dark MegaMan from the back, mocking it at how close he was, only to fail. Removing the sword from Dark MegaMan, Slur declares that this wasn't a place they should've come to. Slur then turns to MegaMan, ProtoMan, and SearchMan and states that if they interfere with Duo's plans, then Slur would show them no mercy, before Dark MegaMan engulfed Slur in flames with Salamander Battle Chip, before he grabbed Slur from behind. Unfazed, Slur says that Dark MegaMan's powerless against the alien Navi. Despite that, Dark MegaMan held onto Slur and told MegaMan and the others to leave, before he was deleted. 

When Barrel finally traveled to the present time and engaged in battle against the Asteroid Navis with the rest of the Cross Fusion team, Slur watched and stated that despite everyone now gathered together, the countdown to Earth's destruction was nigh, before Bass appeared suddenly. Questioning Bass' return, Bass declared that he came for revenge, to Slur's unamusement. Bass warned that he was not the same as he was before, and stated that it was Slur's turn to be sent to the UnderNet. Slur turned to face Bass, once more calling him a fool, before engaging in their final battle. 

As they battled, Bass used his Hells Rolling, but Slur avoided them before summoning wires from Bass to bind him once more. Stating that Bass lost once more, Bass grinned before reminding the extraterrestrial Navi that he was not the same as he was before, before breaking the wires binding him, shocking Slur. The battle continued on, Slur blocked a punch from Bass, before drawing a sword, to which Bass used his Dark Arm Blade. Clashing blades, Slur questions how Bass could have gotten so powerful, struggling to hold the attack back. Bass responded that he had absorbed a bellyfull of a gigantic bug in the UnderNet, before Slur saw the figure of Nebula Grey form from Bass' aura, further shocking the Navi before Bass broke through Slur's blade. 

Stating that with his current powers, he could travel the Cyberworld of space and seek out new powers, but would first defeat Slur, prompting Slur to curse at him, before they transformed into light energies and clashed, going through the Past Tunnel, damaging it before the battle seemed to calm down, with Slur showing to be battered and exhausted, before feeling Bass impaled the Navi from behind. Bass mockingly gave Slur a choice: to wander the UnderNet forever, or be deleted right there. With Slur's last breath, Slur angrily spoke their last words: "Shut up! You Earth NetNavi!" 

Taking that as the latter choice, Bass deleted Slur, the latter screaming in pain as the Navi was deleted. 

Powers and abilities

As an extraterrestrial NetNavi, Slur's powers are heightened above and beyond those of regular Navis and even Duo's Asteroids, being capable of levitating and traveling back and forth through the Past Tunnel with speed greater than the norm, and does not require any external assistance in transcending space-time, capable of tearing open portals in the Cyber World to travel to any desired destination.[1] Slur's abilities can be exercised from great distances, and have been shown to reach Earth from Duo's comet in space.[2] Slur's defenses are also virtually impenetrable, such as being capable of surviving injuries that would prove fatal to regular Navis, such as a triple Program Advance, a head shot, or a sword to the chest.[1][2] However, MegaMan had managed to injure Slur when he had used a Sword Battle Chip while in Proto Soul, managing to cut Slur's cheek, strangely enough.[1]

Many of Slur's attacks involve a living form of wiring that sprouts from beneath the Navi's sleeves. The wire can be shaped into other weapons, in particular, swords, which instantly take on the appearance and density of the object in question. In addition, the wires can be used to bind, strangle, and electrocute victims and does not necessarily need to be within close proximity, as frequently, Slur conjures wires out of thin air and sometimes from the Navis themselves, allowing them to be immobilized to be attacked.

Another of Slur's abilities involves harnessing the power of an aura. Often, Slur transforms into either a sphere or sliver of light to ram enemies. This NetNavi can also concentrate the energy from the aura into concussive bullets projected from the palms of their hands, or create a ring of this same force to cause explosions.[3]



  • Although the Rockman.EXE Stream fansubs have the character referred to as a "she," there is no indication in both Japanese and English (in the case of UDON's English translation of Rockman.EXE Official Complete Works) of what Slur's true gender actually is. Slur has an androgynous appearance, and a voice that could pass as either a young girl or a very young boy. It's likely that the creators intended for the individual's gender to be ambiguous and leave it up to fans, or perhaps Slur is meant to be a genderless being like the Navi, Serenade.

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