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Sisi Truck
Mm7 sisitruck Mm7 sisirocket
Sisi Truck (above) with Sisi Rocket (below).

Sisi Truck (シシトラック Shishi Torakku?) is the sub-boss of Turbo Man's stage in Mega Man 7. It is a giant semi-trailer truck that Mega Man runs on back of before confronting the front. It fires Sisi Rockets, which are missiles that look like it. Mega Man can't proceed until it is destroyed (and when it is destroyed, it has a silly look on its face and some of its teeth are missing).


  • Sisi Truck is based on the Shishi lion statue. Sisi Roll is also based on this.
  • On Sisi Truck's license plate, it says "Sisi," hence its name.

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