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Silver Tomahawk
Mega Man using Silver Tomahawk.

Silver Tomahawk (シルバートマホーク Shirubā Tomahōku?) is Tomahawk Man's special weapon. Mega Man sends a fast tomahawk that drops low at first, and then spirals upward.

Damage Data Chart

Known damage values in units for Mega Man 6.

Silvertomahawkicon Silver Tomahawk
Boss Damage
Blizzard Man 1
Centaur Man 1
Flame Man 1
Knight Man 1
Plant Man 1
Tomahawk Man 1
Wind Man 1
Yamato Man 4
'Rounder 2 3
Power Piston 3
Mettonger Z 1
X Crusher 1
Mechazaurus 1
Tank-CS2 1
Wily Machine No. 6: 1st Phase 4
Wily Machine No. 6: 2nd Phase 4
Wily Capsule 4


One Silver Tomahawk uses 1 weapon energy unit. It can be used 28 times with a full weapon energy gauge.

Bosses weak against Silver Tomahawk


  • Although the weapon is called "Silver Tomahawk", neither Mega Man´s color scheme nor the actual weapon are silver in the game. However, it could be referring to the Tomahawk's head.
  • Screw Crusher almost mirrors Silver Tomahawk, as S. Tomahawk drops low then arcs up, while S. Crusher goes up then arcs down.
  • It is the only special weapon in Mega Man 6 to not have the first part of it's name identical to the first part of it's Robot Master's name.

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