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The Sigma Palace (シグマパレス Shiguma Paresu), also known as Sigma's fortress and Sigma's hideout (シグマのアジト Shiguma no Ajito), is Sigma's secret base of operations in Mega Man X, its remake Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, and Mega Man X8. In Mega Man X, the Sigma Palace was a floating island which exploded after Sigma's first defeat. In Mega Man X8, a new Sigma Palace was built on the Moon.

Mega Man XEdit

Sigma Stage 1Edit

After defeating the eight bosses, X and Zero discover the location of Sigma's fortress. Inside, Zero faces Vile and is captured. X is also defeated by him, but Zero breaks free and destroys Vile's Ride Armor. X then fights Vile and defeats him. If the player didn't obtain the Arm Parts, Zero will give his arm cannon to X.


Sigma Stage 1


Mega Man XMaverick Hunter X

Sigma Stage 2Edit


Sigma Stage 2


Mega Man XMaverick Hunter X

Sigma Stage 3Edit


Sigma Stage 3

The third stage, where X faces the remaining Mavericks before Sigma. The battle against Vile was moved to this stage in the remake Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, in the hall just before D-Rex. This is the last stage in Vile Mode, where Vile fights X and Zero in the place he appears in X Mode.


Mega Man XMaverick Hunter X
  • Boss 4:
Vile (X Mode)
X and Zero (Vile Mode)
  • Boss 5: D-Rex (X Mode only)

Sigma Stage 4Edit


Sigma Stage 4

The last stage. It is a small vertical area with Creepers that leads to Sigma's room, where he sends Velguarder against X. After Velguarder's defeat, Sigma himself challenges X.

Mega Man X8Edit

Sigma Palace is the last stage from Mega Man X8, a palace in the Moon protected by several Guardroids. The Maverick Hunters face Vile V, Sigma, and Lumine in the fortress.

Other mediaEdit


Sigma's fortress in the manga.

In the Rockman X manga, Sigma reveals his flying fortress to X after Boomer Kuwanger's defeat. X's X-Buster became unusable after his previous battle, but he decides to go after Sigma despite his current state. In the fortress, X finds several broken Mechaniloids defeated by Zero, and finds a damaged Zero captured by Vile. Zero manages to escape and destroys Vile's Ride Armor, but it costs him his life. After defeating Vile and later Sigma, Sigma's head combines with a powerful giant wolf-like body. To defeat Sigma, X takes down the base, which burned when entering the atmosphere.