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Shuuichi Eboshi (烏星 修一 Eboshi Shuuichi) is HatMan.EXE's operator and son of the magician Mr. Hat. Because his father is very busy, he feels lonely and frustrated.

Game History

Rockman EXE Phantom of Network

Anime History

Rockman EXE Beast+

Shuuichi appears in episode 21 of the anime. He feels lonely and frustrated like his game counterpart because his father does not have enough time to watch him preform magic. One day, he finds Hatman, actually a phantom navi, in his PET. He and the Hatman duplicate "preform" magic all throughout town, making trees erupt from stores and making cars turn into flowers. He is later hypnotized by Hatman when he gets cold feet. He is returned to normal when the charlatan Hatman is deleted by none other than the real Hatman. He explains to his father and Manabe, Enzan, and Netto why and how things happened. His father promised to watch his magic.


  • Eboshi (烏帽子) is a headdress worn by Shinto priests, a pun on his navi HatMan.