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Shishimaru Dump
Shishimaru Dump

Shishimaru Dump (シシマルダンプ Shishimaru Danpu?) is a sub-boss from Mega Man X5 that appears in Grizzly Slash's stage. It is a giant dump truck that Grizzly Slash is apparently using to transport his weapons.

When fighting against a Shishimaru Dump, a small laser turret will slide up and down on the back of the cabin shooting every 3 seconds if X or Zero are in the line of fire of the turret. They have the option to destroy it. The truck will fire a missile every 3 seconds which will land in the position that X or Zero were standing when the missile was launched. These missiles can be destroyed. The front of the cabin has a small platform in which they can step on, the cabin will shoot a laser from it's core every 2 seconds, which can be avoided by just crouching. The core must be destroyed in order to beat the sub boss. Once the core is destroyed, X or Zero will have a small time limit in which they have to reach a safe area before the whole train explodes. Along the level, there are another 2 sub bosses that need to be destroyed in order to progress throughout the level.


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