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Sharo (シャーロ Shāro?) is a location from the Mega Man Battle Network series equivalent to the real life Russia. It appears in Mega Man Battle Network 4. Sharo is the home of SearchMan.EXE's operator Raika and the minor character Ivan Chillski, ColdMan.EXE's operator.

Sharo has an important role in Mega Man Battle Network 4. It has a large space observatory lab and cooperates with NAXA to help prevent the Earth's destruction.

Anime History

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

In the anime Lan travels to Sharo per request of the country's net force after a Dimensional Area manifests on their Rare Metal mine guarded by FridgeMan as they intend to use the mineral to mass produce Dark Chips. Here Raika explains that until recently Sharo used to be an extremely poor country suffering from both cold and hunger, until Morozov a dog found the Rare Metal mine which serves as Sharo's principal economic resource, being the source of 80% of the mineral.

By the end of the episode Megaman and Searchman defeat Fridgeman and both the mine and Morozov are secured.


Its name is a corrupt spelling of the Japanese word for Russia: ロシア (Roshia).

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