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Shadow Soul

Shadow Soul (シャドーソウル) is the Double Soul MegaMan.EXE performs with ShadowMan.EXE, requiring an Stealth Battle Chip to be sacrificed (like AntiDmg or Invis). A subtle and evasive soul, Shadow Soul is perfect for sneak attacks.


  • Float Shoes: MegaMan is immune to the harmful effects of panels.
  • MegaMan's movement speed is slightly increased, allowing him to dodge attacks better.
  • AntiDamage: Pressing B + ← will momentarily allow MegaMan to dodge a hit while damaging the nearest enemy with a throwing star. This will override other Navicust programs that are activated by the B + ← combination.
  • Charging Sword chips will allow MegaMan to execute them from behind the nearest enemy.
  • Charge Shot: Long Sword (Hits the 2 panels in front of MegaMan for 70 damage, increasing by 10 for each increase in Buster rank)
  • Weakness: The Sword chip charge does not increase the power of the chip, while also exposing the player to risk of a Slasher. The Charge Shot also lacks range.
  • Bosses to use against:
    • Bass.EXE - Defeating him quickly is not necessary to obtain his chip or his icon. Mastery of the AntiDamage ability can allow the player to dodge his attacks, while Shadow Chaos' Dark Invisible attack will render the player invulnerable for some time. The Float Shoes ability also prevents you from losing area despite Bass cracking most of your field with Chaos Nightmare and Darkness Overload.

Competitive Play

  • Shadow Soul is seen more as a defensive Soul, and is preferred by players who have mastered its AntiDamage ability. Its Chaos Unison ability also provides players with an alternative way of avoiding attacks.

CShadowEmo Chaos Unison


Chaos Unison with Shadow Soul

As Shadow Chaos (シャドーカオス), MegaMan's charge shot turns into Dark Invisible, which will turn him completely black. This renders him invincible but uncontrollable as he moves about randomly, attacking with a mix of Buster shots, loaded chips, or previously used Battle Chips or Program Advances. This effect lasts for several seconds or until the Chaos Unison is cancelled, after which control can be regained over MegaMan.