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Sen-Ti-Nel (千値練センチネル?) is a high quality figure maker. The company made Mega Man figures.

Mega Man figures

4 Inch-Nel series

4 Inch-Nel

4 Inch-Nel is a series of highly articulated figures that have about 4 inch.

Mega Man

Mega Man X

Mega Man Battle Network

Mega Man Legends

  • Mega Man Volnutt - Released on July 2017.[10]
    • Bad Mega Man - Based on Mega Man Volnutt's "evil" appearance from his unheroic deeds. Includes a trunk with 200000 zenny.[11] Has a limited release, being available in the Wonder Festival 2017 [Summer] event and for a limited time in Gen-ti-nel in Japan, and in NYCC2017 in North America.[8]

Mega Man Star Force

  • Star Force Mega Man - Released on September 2017.[12]
    • Mega Man Geo Color Ver. - Star Force Mega Man with Geo's color. Limited release, being available in the NYCC2017.[8]

4 Inch-Nel Lite series

4 Inch Nel Lite is a series of detailed statues.

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