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Secret Lab (秘密研究所 Himitsu Kenkyūsho) is the hideout of Gate. It serves as the final stages for Mega Man X6. The secret laboratory is set underground near the Eurasia colony crash site, with remains from the colony being visible in the entrance. Gate's lab is considered to be one of the hardest final stages in the whole Mega Man X series, if not the hardest since it require parts or armors to advance. Otherwise is impossible.


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During the event of Mega Man X5, Sigma tried to awaken Zero's true self by using the Sigma Virus with the help of Dynamo. The Eurasia colony was infected with a large amount of a virus and crashed on Earth, mixing it with the Sigma Virus to create the Zero Virus, also creating the Zero Space. Fortunately, the Maverick Hunters had a plan to prevent this incident and manage to destroy most of Eurasia before it crashes, reducing the damage, although it still causes a large impact on the planet.

Three week later, a mysterious scientist knowns as Gate investigates the crash site and discovered a piece of Zero. While trying to analyse it, he become Maverick himself, wishing to build a utopia for Reploids by beginning to creating a new type of virus to implode the event to fear among both human and reploid, the Nightmare. Where Gate begins to used his lab as operation for the work to his evil scheme.


Gate's secret laboratory consists of three stages. The final stages are unlocked after defeating all the eight Nightmare Investigators or defeating High Max in the alternate paths.

Stage 1


Secret Lab Stage 1.

The entrance begins in a hole and afterwards at the front, where the player needed to get through the wall which is covering by spikes. Which are require the Ice Burst for X in additional with Jumper parts and/or Zero with Hyoroga abilities to passed through it. Shadow Armor are mandatory if you don't have the Jumper. Afterwards. it will be sliding ice with laser shoots at the sliding part of the ice. After sliding through it. the player needed to climb the ladder at the top to avoid laser shoots directly vertically up and down. After passing through, it will be more laser with Wolfoid and Giga Death B. After that, you go through the door. Where the rising flame from Blaze Heatnix beginning to rise.

If you quick. You can get to the door without touching otherwise it died. Later the fire comes back, where it needed to climb the wall to avoid the flame rising and go right before going down with the ladder and quickly get to right before the flame go up again. Afterwards, you needed to cross the ice slide ground to avoid the rising flame again and do not the touch the wall that are filled with spike to climb the ladder in zip zap line right and left. If you had enough time, you can get away from the fire and reach the door to face the first boss of the stage, Nightmare Mother.



Stage 2


Secret Lab Stage 2, first segment.

The second stage split into two segment. The first is in a line stream of spike all around the wall and ground. Only way to get up is by climbing the rope upward. Afterwards, advancing through in-front where Nightmare enemies with in front by Giga Death B and nightmare. If you get hurt, go to top and refill it. But be quick and get out of there before being swarm by Nightmare Virus afterwards drop down and advance to the next area. Where it is being guarded with Totem Gate by ground and platform, Ground Sniper and Nightmare Virus. It can be skip with Blade Armor by dashing up to the Probe 8201-U platform. However if it is unarmored X or Zero, you needed to deal with the Totem Gate one by one, before you can advance upward right after the second one watch out for spike all over the top and ground as you getting on the platform to going to the left and climb the ladder head right. Where you face High Max.

Gate Lab 2

Gate Laboratory Stage 2 Second Segment with X.

Gate Lab 2 Second Segment with Zero

Gate Laboratory Stage 2 Second Segment with Zero.

The second segment in a straight line of corridor. Where the Meta Wheel F rolling through and Group Jet fly, destroy it and hop into the crystal and will travel into different stages that are previous stages from Nightmare Investigators. If is X it will be Rainy Turtloid. While Zero is Metal Shark Player.

Unlike the investigator stages. These are much harder. With X is required to destroy the Weather Analyze before advancing to another portion of the level and the segment are require both Falcon Armor, Blade Armor and Ultimate Armor to cross over it with huge bottom pit, where the platform are very wide away. Where Group Jet flying and Monbando guarding. The Hyper Dash parts are mandatory if you needed to get through with unarmored X, otherwise is impossible. While Zero had to cross through three parts of the crashing wave. The first part is easy where you needed to get to the hole and needed to duck. The second part is very tide where the Junkroid at their respective places. But it gets destroyed when the crash lay down. Where the player needed to duck and hang at the wall to wait before the crasher rise up again so the player can cross through it. The third and final part. Where it can no longer to be duck. It requiring to hang the wall by climbing at all time to prevent death. While Group Jet flying through it from the wall. Be Patient and you will get through without any problem and teleport back to the corridor segment that your character choosing respawn. After three more group jet fly by, you will see the door, enter it and face gate.

First Segment




Second Segment

With X

With Zero


Stage 3

Gate Labortary Stage 3


Like the stage 2, it split into two segment. The first segment is after you crossing through a small gap and before wall slide down to one side of platform to another and watch out for spike right after the third one and make sure to fall at the right, otherwise death. At the right it got eight teleportation hatches which lead to "rematches" against the eight Nightmare Investigator.

After all eight are defeated, a ninth hatch will appear at the top, leading to a path filled with many Nightmare Virus, Batton Bone B81 and Giga Death B just before a large final pit and spike along the wall. Where a platform of Probe 8201-U fly by Jump on it and fend off any nuisances, beware of the spike at the top of the door before enter it. Where Sigma awaits.





  • The Secret Lab music is a remixed version of the X-Hunters Stage 2.