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Screw Crusher (スクリュークラッシャー Sukuryū Kurasshā?) is Punk's Special Weapon, a spinning saw that first appears in Mega Man III. When used by Punk, the saw is thrown in the direction of his target. When equipped by Mega Man, he throws the saw in a parabolic arc, moving up for a while and then looping down.

Video game appearances

Mega Man III

The Screw Crusher is imperative in the battle against the Wily Machine's second form, as it is the only weapon that will harm it. It does considerable damage, and can be used several times as it doesn't use much energy. However only one can be on the screen at a time.

Mega Man 10

Screw Crusher can be obtained by Mega Man by defeating Punk in the Special Stage 2. Mega Man is the only playable character able to use it. In this game Mega Man can have up to four saws onscreen at a time, and it is most effective against Ballade, Pump Man, Chill Man, and the Weapons Archive's data of Ring Man and Tornado Man. It can also be used to disarm some enemy shields when fired fast enough.


In both Mega Man III and Mega Man 10, Mega Man can use eight Screw Crushers with only one weapon energy unit. With a full weapon energy gauge, it can be used 152 times in Mega Man III and 224 times in Mega Man 10.

Damage Data Charts

Damage values in units in Mega Man III.

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Damage values in units in Mega Man 10.

MM10-ScrewCrusher-Icon Screw Crusher
Boss Damage
Blade Man 1
Pump Man 2
Commando Man 1
Chill Man 2
Sheep Man 1
Strike Man 1
Nitro Man 1
Solar Man 1
Weapons Archive (Elec Man) 1
Weapons Archive (Wood Man) 1
Weapons Archive (Gemini Man) 1
Weapons Archive (Ring Man) 2
Weapons Archive (Napalm Man) 1
Weapons Archive (Flame Man) 1
Weapons Archive (Slash Man) 1
Weapons Archive (Frost Man) 1
Weapons Archive (Tornado Man) 2
Crab Puncher 1
Block Devil 1
Wily Machine No. 10: 1st Phase 1
Wily Machine No. 10: 2nd Phase 1
Wily Capsule 0
Enker 0
Punk 0
Ballade 3



  • Silver Tomahawk almost mirrors Screw Crusher, as S. Tomahawk drops low then arcs up, while S. Crusher goes up then arcs down.

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