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Screw Bomber
Mm1screwbombersprite DrWilyRevengeScrewBomber

Screw Bomber, also known as Screw Driver (スクリュードライバー Sukuryū Doraibā?) in Japan, are enemies that stay in the floors and ceilings, and, when Mega Man gets close to it, spins and shoots in five different directions twice. It does this once in Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge.

In Dr. Wily's Revenge they appear in:

They appear in Mega Water S's Stage and the 1st Wily Stage in Mega Man: The Wily Wars.

Mega Man Legacy Collection data

Originally a fire-extinguishing robot. It fires a lot of shots, so it's best to destroy it before it gets the chance.

HP: 03

AT: 02

Weakness: Thunder Beam

Driver Cannon

If you are looking for the Mega Man X2 enemy, see Cannon Driver
Driver Cannon
Mm7 drivercannon

Driver Cannon (ドライバーキャノン Doraibā Kyanon?) is an enemy from Mega Man 7. It alternates between two shots to the sides, and two shots in a V-shape. It appears in Freeze Man's stage and in the second section of Wily Castle.


Similar Enemies

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