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The Scorched Earth Squadron (塵炎軍団 Jin'en Gundan?, lit. "Army of Ash Flames") is Neo Arcadia's land forces, having vastly strong units and fighting machines. Its primary objective is to conquer and quickly demolish any and all enemy combat bases. Its leader is Fighting Fefnir.

To combat Mavericks and Resistance members who escaped Neo Arcadia to the wastelands, they developed the "Scorched Earth Operation" in which extermination attacks were performed. A roller strategy involved carpet bombing, and deployment of an enormous ground force for total supremacy. These severe tactics strike terror into all Mavericks who witness it. 


Z1 NecromancessMugshot Anubis Necromancess III: the one and only known to date Mutos Reploid member of this army, based on the jackal god of death, Anubis.
Z2 MagnionMugshot Phoenix Magnion: formerly belongs to Phantom's squad before getting reassigned here. Based on the phoenix (also called a fire bird), he focuses on illusions and fire blasts.

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