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Saburou Kotohiro and his NetNavi, NoodleMan (Sanukiman in Japan), are two characters that appear in episode 54 of the anime MegaMan NT Warrior.


Saburou is the owner of a noodle (sanuki udon in Japan) restaurant called The Slick Noodle (へらこい亭 Herakoitei) with NoodleMan acting as the restaurant's mascot. The goofy commercials starring NoodleMan quickly become popular, even leading people to imitate his pose and catchphrase 'noodles' ('Udon'). This attracts a large audience, much to the chagrin of The Slick Noodle's next door neighbor #1 Curry, the restaurant run by the former members of the WWW. The two businesses quickly become heated rivals, claiming that their food is superior to the other's.

To get rid of the competition, Saburou gives NoodleMan to Chisao in order to spy on #1 Curry; telling Chisao that the NetNavis from #1 Curry are evil aliens. To please Chisao and avoid being identified, NoodleMan takes GutsMan's form and goes by the name NuggetsMan (KutsMan in Japan) and they manage to defeat the WWW NetNavis, causing chaos at #1 Curry. Lan and Dex, who were searching for Chisao, witness the havok NoodleMan (Still under the guise of NuggetsMan) is causing to #1 Curry in the real world and send MegaMan and GutsMan into #1 Curry's net to stop NuggetsMan. During the battle, NoodleMan accidentally reveals himself when he screams the word "noodles" and makes a pose like the one in his commercials. This leads Lan and Dex to figure out that Chisao is operating NoodleMan from the Slick Noodle. Saburou then assumes command of NoodleMan but is defeated by MegaMan and GutsMan. After Saburou and NoodleMan are defeated, the WWW members begin to plot their revenge but Lan manages to get them to forgive Saburou by reminding them that there is a plate called spicy noodle curry (curry udon) that uses both noodle and curry. Saburou and the WWW members become emotional upon remembering of the delicious plate and decide to stop arguing. The Slick Noodle is closed in the end of the episode.