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Roll Soul

MegaMan.EXE performs Double Soul with Roll.EXE by sacrificing a recovery chip.


  • Whenever a non-recovery battle chip is used, MegaMan regains 10% of his overall HP.
  • In the anime, Roll Soul can absorb or nullify other's powers and send it right back at the enemy.
  • Charge Shot: Roll Arrow (an arrow of 30 damage which removes any battle chip that the enemy has)
  • Weakness: The Roll Arrow is weak, and the chip removal is very situational in single player.
  • Bosses to use against:
    • Any boss - the 10% recovery is good for staying alive, especially when many Omega Navis' attacks do around 200 damage.

Competitive Play

  • Expert RedSun players abuse the 10% HP increase by having a NaviCust design to raised their HP to 2000 or above. This will result in an advantageous 200 HP increase when a non-Recovery chip is used.
  • Due to the ability of increasing ones HP by almost 200 points, along with a Charge Shot that destroys unused chips, many players ban the use of the Roll Soul in competitive battling.

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

After MegaMan is injured by Roll in an encounter with FlashMan.EXE, Roll and Mayl decides to take him on when he strikes again. But he is too strong and MegaMan arrives to help. They only are able to win when they fuse their souls and create Roll Soul. MegaMan obtains his first Double Soul and defeats FlashMan.EXE.

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