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Please note that this is an article about a FAN-MADE MEDIA, and is neither licensed nor endorsed by Capcom, and is not canon.
Rockmen 01

Picture of the box-art of Rockmen R.

Rockmen R: Dr. Wily's Counterattack (ロックメン R: Dr.ワイリーの逆襲) is a Japanese Doujin-soft PC game released by Capricorn in February 2009. The game stars Roll, and features a unique cast of Robot Masters as well as a new robot called Piano.


Mega Man is defeated and kidnapped by a mysterious robot working for Dr. Wily. With no other options, Dr. Light sends Roll to Rock's last-known location to investigate, and she encounters a mysterious female robot who looks almost exactly like her who goes by the name Piano. Roll defeats Piano in a brief duel, but Piano informs her that her master has eight new Robot Masters working for him and that she will never be able to save her brother.

Roll sets out to defeat the new batch of robots and then makes her way to Dr. Wily's latest skull castle. There, she encounters many Robot Masters from past battles, as well as other foes. When Forte confronts her, she defeats him, though he claims he was "going easy" on her and wanted her to defeat "the stupid old man" once and for all (very likely that Forte wants to be the one to defeat Rockman). Roll encounters Piano two more times, but defeats her both times. Piano questions why she cannot defeat Roll, but Roll says that although she is powerful she has nothing to fight for (whereas Roll is fighting for Rock's safety).

Roll finally confronts her brother, who warns her that he cannot control his actions and that she should leave immediately. Roll, however, manages to defeat him and then tells him to go to Light Labs for repair. Then, she defeats the cloned Robot Masters and confronts Wily, who is easily defeated. Roll threatens to kill Dr. Wily (just as Rock did in Mega Man 7), but just as she is about to shoot him he reveals that he is nothing but a clone robot, and then the lab self-destructs (though Roll escapes safely).

Robot Masters

Rockmen R features a brand-new cast of Robot Masters and some friends from the past. The new Robot Masters were built or modified by Dr. Wily.

Name Weapon Main weakness
Weasel Man Sonic Boomerang Immortal Stone
Waltz Man Death Waltz Thunder Wheel
Flare Man Flare Shot Sonic Boomerang
Rapid Man Bullet Strike Laser Wave
Puppet Man Puppet Bomb Death Waltz
Energy Man Thunder Wheel Bullet Strike
Laser Man Laser Wave Flare Shot
Power Man Immortal Stone Puppet Bomb
Blues None Thunder Wheel
Cut Man None Immortal Stone
Heat Man None Puppet Bomb or Laser Wave
Air Man None Immortal Stone
Rockman None Immortal Stone
Forte None Thunder Wheel
Piano None Flare Shot or Thunder Wheel

Dr. Wily's new Wily Machine is weak against Laser Wave and Death Waltz, though it can easily be defeated by hiding behind it and using charged shots. The Wily Capsule is weak against Laser Wave.


Rockmen R Gameplay

Rockmen R Part I - Intro Who's that girl?

Rockmen R Part I - Intro Who's that girl?


  • Laser Man is the only Robot Master to have been created after his NetNavi counterpart. However, since this game is unofficial, an official Robot Master counterpart for LaserMan.EXE doesn't exist yet.
  • The "R" in the title stands for Roll.
  • Piano shares her name with a scrapped character from Rockman Gigamix, along with her sharing the same role: to be Dr. Wily's counterpart to Roll. Whether this was a coincidence or not has not been made clear by the game's creators.


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