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Shooting Star Rockman (流星のロックマン Ryuusei no Rokkuman?, written as "Rockman the Shooting Star" in the manga) is a manga by Masaya Itagaki based on Mega Man Star Force. It was serialized in Gekkan CoroCoro Comic from November 2006 to January 2008, and was released in three tankōbon volumes in 2007-2008. The first volume contains five chapters, volume 2 has six chapters, and the last volume has four chapters and extra content.


Okashina Nitorigumi!?

Okashina Nitorigumi!? (おかしな2人組!?? roughly "Odd Duo!?") is the first chapter. Geo Stelar and Omega-Xis can become Mega Man.

Akogare no Hero

Akogare no Hero (あこがれのヒーロー? "Hero's Aspiration") has Taurus Fire.

Kaimaku! Wave Coliseum!!

Kaimaku! Wave Coliseum!! (開幕! 電波コロシアム!!? "Rising the Curtain! Wave Coliseum!!") has Cygnus Wing.

Daikonsen! Tenkuu Wave Road!!

Daikonsen! Tenkuu Wave Road!! (大混戦! 天空電波路!!? "Big Melee! Sky Wave Road!!") has Gemini Spark.

Tatakai he no Mezame

Tatakai he no Mezame (戦いへの目覚め?)


Saishuukan Tokubetsu Kikaku

Saishuukan Tokubetsu Kikaku (最終巻特別企画?) is the extra content from Volume 3.

Maboroshi no Dai 0 Wa Tokubetsu Keisai!!

Maboroshi no Dai 0 Wa Tokubetsu Keisai!! (幻の第0話 特別掲載!!?) was originally published in CoroCoro Comics in 2006.

Ryuusei no Rokkuman

Ryuusei no Rokkuman (流星のろっくまん?) is a series of 4-koma shorts based on Mega Man Star Force 2.

Tribe Ryuusei no Rockman Butou Gaiden Chou Yokoku

Tribe Ryuusei no Rockman Butou Gaiden Chou Yokoku (TRIBE流星のロックマン武闘外伝超予告?) is a preview of the Rockman the Shooting Star Tribe manga.

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