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Megamission Armors

Rockman X Mega Mission X and Zero Armors.

Rockman X Mega Mission (ロックマンXメガミッション?) is a Carddass series released by Bandai in 1995 and 1996.


The series was released in three parts, each containing 42 cards with a picture in the front and story/character details in the back.

Rockman X Mega Mission

The first Rockman X Mega Mission was released in 1995 and its history happens between Mega Man X2 and Mega Man X3. It has also a manga adaptation by Hitoshi Ariga.

Rockman X Mega Mission 2

Rockman X Mega Mission 2 was released in 1996. Its story happens two months after the fall of Dopple Town.

Rockman X Mega Mission 3

Rockman X Mega Mission 3 was released in 1996 and is the final part of the series. Some armors from Mega Mission 3 were released as part of the Mega Armor figures, like the EX Armor and Rockman X All X.


  • Metroid Fusion shares many of its plot points with Mega Mission. From the similarly behaving, ability-copying parasites who revive past adversaries and create a powerful, evil clone, to the hero's infection leading to translucent, partly organic armor, to how the final battle plays out. While there has been no official confirmation of Mega Mission's influence, the X Parasites' name may be intended as an homage.

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